What is Salesforce


Salesforce is the platform that allows customers to maximize their success and is designed specifically to handle the challenges of selling, serving, marketing, analyzing, and interacting with your customers.

Manage your business anywhere with Salesforce and custom salesforce development services. With standard products and features, you can manage relationships with prospects and current customers, collaborate with employees and partners, and securely store data in the cloud.

But standard products and features are just the beginning. PowerSync highlights with this platform, you can customize and personalize customer, partner, and employee experiences and easily extend the system’s out-of-the-box functionality.

Concepts, products, and services

To get started with Salesforce, get familiar with some of our key terms and concepts. These are used extensively in our products and documentation, as well as by our support team. The concepts and terms covered in this section help you get a better understanding of how Salesforce works.

Salesforce administrator

A Salesforce administrator is a Salesforce user with system administration rights and other superpowers. Administrators are responsible for setting up and maintaining Salesforce organizations.

What happens when you buy Salesforce: The PowerSync experience

Is this your first time working in Salesforce, or maybe it’s not your first time? Either way, to take full advantage of Salesforce functionality, you need to know the method of creating an organization, the types of licenses, permissions, and profiles you receive. Understanding how these elements and user capabilities interact helps save time.

Promoting upgraded licenses in Sandbox organizations

Organizations must change and licensing must evolve. When licenses are updated, production and secure Sandbox organizations must synchronize. Often a secure Sandbox environment can be updated to verify that the license information of the production organization is consistent. Or, you can use the Matching Production Environment Licenses with Safe Sandbox Environment tool to ensure that the license information is up-to-date.

License updates and your organization

When you buy Salesforce, you buy licenses, permissions, and profiles that define your organization and the actions your users take within it. You can also create authority sets to simplify authority management. See how license updates affect the permissions in your profiles and authority sets.

Salesforce versions

PowerSync offers feature and service bundles designed to solve a separate set of business problems:

  • Distributions for Salesforce functions and versions
  • Distributions for Salesforce functions by version.
  • Data and file repository allocations
  • Storage allocations based on Salesforce version and the number of standard license users in the organization.
  • Allocations for maps and location services
  • Limits for map views per user.
  • Supported browsers, devices, languages, and accessibility standards

About Salesforce solutions

With each new release, the capabilities of Salesforce solutions become wider and go beyond the usual understanding of the CRM-system. So, the Salesforce suite of products covers not only sales and service processes, but also commerce, marketing, billing, and others. Additionally, Salesforce offers industry-ready solutions to optimize workflow in a variety of ways. Not surprisingly, thanks to such a rich selection of products, Salesforce for several years keeps a leading position in the market of CRM-systems and helps conduct business with such well-known companies as PayPal, Bentley, Adidas, and others. 

What differentiates Salesforce from its peers on the CRM solutions market

The distinctive aspect of Salesforce is its “boxed” nature, since most of the solution is already fully ready, requires virtually no additional work and allows the system to be configured independently. The company is constantly improving the technology and announcing new versions three times a year. 

Nevertheless, it is impossible to provide for everything and at times we have to give in to customization. The flexibility of the platform allows us to easily expand functionality using the object-oriented Apex language, as well as SOQL, a Salesforce language for data acquisition. 

What tasks the Salesforce engineer solves

The Salesforce developer, in fact, transforms the solution out of the box and works to optimize Salesforce as a tool that will help the end user automate workflows in the future. During the development of the solution, the Salesforce engineer operates on two “fronts” simultaneously: back-end and front-end. 

Tools from Visualforce, Lightning Component Framework and Lightning flow are used to work with the UI part. Salesforce’s engineers are now migrating to the Lightning JavaScript framework as a more optimized and modern approach. Lightning Web Components uses current approaches to web development, and without direct framework similar to the popular Angular and React, making it easy to understand for those who are already familiar with the known counterparts. 

On the side of the backend, the Apex language (object-oriented Java system) is available, which allows you to effectively manipulate the platform components. Apex also provides the ability to create integrations with third-party servers based on HTTP.

What a Salesforce developer should be like

Our colleagues have gathered a few reasons why you might be interested in the Salesforce solution, in terms of optimizing its functionality and capabilities. For example:

  • You’re curious about how the customer works, and you want to learn about their business processes.
  • You are the kind of person who likes to see the results of their work, you like relatively short development cycles.
  • You are ready to innovate new technologies and business domains.
  • You have good communication skills.
  • You speak English at the level of A2 or higher.

What next? What’s on the horizon for a Salesforce Engineer?

  • The opportunity to be engaged both in development and consulting.
  • High demand for Salesforce specialists and competitive salaries
  • Non-trivial projects with valuable tasks from the world’s leading companies
  • Working in an international team, which helps to improve the level of English
  • Availability of their own educational platform for achieving a high level of knowledge and skills

Salesforce’s solution is well established on the market of high quality CRM solutions and has proven itself as a reliable tool for working with clients. The demand for the technology is growing rapidly, and the opportunities for its development are very interesting, which guarantees the demand for and the prospects of the Salesforce engineer profession.

Cloud trends for business

Large companies no longer think about how they can even keep track of things on paper or in Google Docs. Only automation can save time and money. And CRM-systems (Customer Relationship Management Systems) cope with huge amounts of stored data – the connecting link between developers, the customer’s business and its customers.


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