What are the causes of Smegma? How To Get Rid Of Smegma


Smegma t is a natural substance which found in the genitals of both men and women. It is ivory white, secreted from the genitals. If not cleaned properly, Smegma can cause the bad smell, even can lead to inflammation.

Therefore, we should regularly clean it to remove it. However, not at all people also know how to get rid of smegma effectively. That’s why we write this article.

What are the causes of Smegma?

As you understand, smegma can occur in both of women and men. Smegma can be harmful to the body or not, and they depend on the cause.

Smegma in men:

  1. Phimosis which is the most common male genital abnormality in men is due to the narrowed foreskin. When the foreskin closes, it cannot drop for thorough cleaning, so it is unavoidable for mucus to accumulate. It accounts for 85 percent of cases in men.
  2. Endocytosis: The foreskin is where the secretion of semen, semen, urine is usually present. In the case of long-term circumcision, it will cover the head of the penis, and it is challenging to cleanse the genital for a long time, the accumulation of mucus will be more and more.
  3. Poor hygiene: Smegma caused by daily excretion but usually also by cleansing. However, if the male health is weak, not paying attention, the sexual habits continue to increase, causing the smell, itching.

Smegma in women:

  1. Poor hygiene: The habits of the cleansing closed area are inappropriate or inadequate sanitation, especially before and after sex, often wet or using too tight underpants or dirty underwear will cause the smegma residue to accumulate in the interstitial vagina, large lips, baby lips. Female genitals are usually white or opaque, smelly, slightly fishy and may cause itching or not.
  2. Vaginal, Candidiasis: These are two common sexually transmitted diseases in women. When bacteria enter the female area or become unbalanced, candida will cause damage to the feminine lining, at first itching sensation in the closed space, frequent urination. Long-term inflammation will cause pain when urinating, patients with bad breath may have menstrual disorders, the city is a very unpleasant odor. Smegma caused by vaginitis is more secretive and more foul smell.
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What is the effect of Smegma?

Smegma can cause the penis irritable and itchy, causing very unpleasant feelings for men and women.

Smegma is not only resulted in the loss of self-esteem to a partner but also causes many health problems, which can be harmful to reproductive health, so smegma also needs to be treated early.

  1. Genital infection: Increased smegma secretion causes the bacteria to thrive in the genitals causing inflammation of the male and gynecological. Inflammation causes many inconveniences in the activity when causing pain, swelling in the genitals. This condition, if not resolved, can cause inflammation of the surrounding organs such as cystitis, meningitis, and vaginitis in women.
  2. Effects on reproduction system: Smegma is not only caused by inflammation, but it also affects the fertility of men and women. Smegma in the genitals can interfere with sperm reaching eggs, causing fertility decline in both men and women.

How to get rid of Smegma: It depends on the cause of smegma.

  1. In men: If smegma caused by foreskin diseases such as phimosis or balanoposthitis, you should consult with your doctor to make minor surgery. And if it does not connect to any condition, the best way to get rid of smegma is to improve hygiene routine. However, not at all people know how to hygiene genital in the right direction. Here are some tips when you do hygiene.  Regular cleansing of the genitals daily, especially the foreskin. Invert the foreskin or ring around the placenta to clean the genital area. Men should bathe in warm water to avoid overheating or too cold, and they will not enjoy the penis. After bathing, you should make genital dry. Do not wear underpants too tight, so that the penis secretion will lead to bacteria to multiply, increase. During the illness, you should not consider sexual which can cause infection of the bacteria spread. Strengthen physical training and sports to enhance the body’s resistance to inflammatory diseases. Addition of nutrients to the collection, limited use of alcohol, beer, and stimulants.
  2. In women: Hygiene is also the best method to remove smegma in women. You should use warm water to clean the vaginal. You also use soap to hygiene it, do not use soap deeply inside. It can irritate the vaginal area. Make it dry with the soft tower. You should wear material which made up from cotton, do not wear anything tightness. It is an excellent environment for smegma development.
  3. In children and babies: They have sensitive genitals. Thus, you should do hygiene carefully for them. Penis or vaginal should clean with warm water and gently be cleansing. You should not use soap because it can irritate the babies.
  4. Epsom salt and normal saline: In medical, they are useful to get rid of smegma, it can prevent smegma until one week later. You can rinse the genital with saline or bath with Epsom salt. They used to avoid inflammation and anti-bacteria spread.
  5. Health cream: In some cases, the penis can be sry related to using soap in hygiene, you should use health cream to provide moisture for it. Health cream contains vitamin A, C and E is the best choice for you. You can choose health cream which has shea butter, can improve skin regeneration.  
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In general, smegma does not cause a severe problem, common in both of men and women. Nevertheless, you should know how to get rid of smegma which can prevent genital inflammation.

If smegma combines with swelling or any abnormal signs, you should go to see the doctor. It could be related to any transmitted disease.


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