Westworld Season 3 to Babel the TV World with Devastating Action!

Westworld Season 3

Westworld, a Sci-fi TV Series set to Renew for its Season 3 and will Premiere in 2020!

Westworld is a Science Fictional TV Series which have successfully completed its 2 Seasons with 10, 10 episodes, respectively.

The series has brought up a new world, highly advanced in technology then present. However, the series set to take place in that fictional world comprised of 6 Wild-West Themed Amusement Parks. The Parks appears to be the perfect mark of modern and advanced technology. Delos Inc. owns and operate the parks.

The series follows the storyline based on 1973 film titled “Westworld” and its 1976 Sequel “Futureworld“.

The viewers have witnessed in the previous seasons that the humanoids, robotic “Hosts” guard the parks and help the visitors, the humans which referred to as guests. The Hosts did not hold the human characteristics but still, it appears quite difficult to distinguish between a human and a host.

However, with the progression of series, viewers witnessed a change in Hosts that they began to feel and perceive things as humans do. Thus, the destruction began as a war between Delos Inc. and Hosts set to take place. However, at the end of Season 2, the viewers witnessed that Delos Inc. somehow managed to save themselves from hosts. But Alas! the disastrous war leads to the destruction of parks.

Now as the Season 3 is set to release in 2020, the huge fan base is eagerly waiting for the new set of action sequences to take place. However, the release date is yet to confirm. Hopefully, season 3 will take place in an entirely new diversity of high-tech places; parks.

As per expectation, Delos Inc. may bring some new turns and twists in the story in the way to develop a more high-tech world which they will rule and control without any undesired happening as before.

Stay Tuned to Know More About The Series!


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