US Military Goes Without Combat Death in Afghan, First Time in Decades

US Military

The US military goes one year without any combat deaths in Afghanistan. It has happened for the first time in two decades. The Army Sergeants Antonio Rodriguez and Class Javier Gutierrez were the last two from the US military to die while fighting in Afghanistan. There were two more army men Miguel Villalon and Ian McLaughlin, who died last year in January; The Military Times suggests reports.

US military goes without combat death in Afghanistan

Taliban announced that they might still target the US army men. However, this is only if the Biden government chooses to keep forces in their area after May’s deadline. Before the deadline, the US troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

The national security adviser from the White House, Jake Sullivan, talked to the national security adviser of Afghanistan, Hamdullah Mohib, on January 22. He informed that the Biden government would review the agreement signed by Trump signed on February 2020.

Presently, there are 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan. According to the agreement signed by former President Donald Trump, all US troops were to be removed from Afghanistan by May 2021. Moreover, this is against all Taliban groups to stop violence from al Qaeda and other terror organizations that attack the foreign army.

Jake Sullivan reported that the Biden government would review if Taliban people are living up to their commitment to cut ties with terror groups or not. The deal sign suggests so and promotes harmony in Afghanistan, and stops terror. Moreover, the US wishes to engage in profitable negotiations with Afghanistan government and other stakeholders.

What is President Biden do?

Barack Obama, during his Presidentship, deployed 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. He did this within the first 100 days of his term in office. Further, Taliban insurgency loomed over the foreign policy of the US. However, the then Vice President Joe Biden opposed the added involvement of the US in this regard.

Taliban groups are hoping for Biden to honor the former president’s commitment; the President seems to be with them on this. In last spring, Biden had written to the  Foreign Affairs stating that a vast majority of the troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan and narrow it down for counterterrorism efforts.


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