Tyler Gave Emotional Support to Gigi Hadid,who is mourning for the Loss of Family Matriarch

Gigi Hadid

The relationship of Gigi and Tyler is entering into the next phase where Tyler is giving his emotional support ( this is what real man does) to Gigi. Model is feeling devastated by the death of her grandmother. We spotted a couple of many times on limelight and news. But this time, Tyler showed up to take Gigi out of her grief, and this act makes him an ideal support system for the model.
Gigi shared a couple of pictures of Ans van den Herik on Instagram. She is taking a break from her work and mourning on the loss of her beloved grandmother. Herik died at the age of 78 after battling for cancer many years. Tyler is a boyfriend of Gigi, and we got proof of their relationship when Cameron appeared to give his shoulder to crying model.
According to a source of HollywoodLife, “Tyler has been incredibly supportive for Gigi as she continues to struggle with the loss of ‘Oma.’ Gigi is understandably devastated and is grieving this tremendous loss, but she’s found comfort being able to lean on Tyler.”
Tyler is showing his sweet, caring side to Gigi, who is “going through the devastating loss together has brought Gigi and Tyler closer.” The source further added, “Gigi has seen a whole other side of Tyler and knows she can lean on him when times are tough.”

Tyler and Gigi are serious about this relationship. Although they didn’t make this relation official, yet the duo is handling it with care and maturity.

The source explained further, “Gigi and Tyler’s relationship is so fresh, so for them to have had to deal with something as overwhelming as a family loss so early on says a lot about their individual characters and what they bring to the relationship.”

Being there in the time of distress for the model proves that it is not just the Gigi who is serious about Cameron, but The Bachelorette runner-up feels the same way. The source said, “Tyler has shown that he will show up for Gigi when it gets hard, and he is there for her beyond the glamorous parties and flashing lights. He truly cares about her as a person, and there is something very strong and meaningful blossoming between them.”
We feel sorry for the loss of Gigi Hadid.


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