Twitter Users Slammed Kendall for Polluting Ocean during #BottleCapChallenge

Kendall Jenner Bella Hadid Cannes Yacht
(Bella and Jenner looking more careless and happy in the picture.)

Kendall shared a video of her attempting “Bottle Cap Challenge” on the demand of  Hailey Bieber. She got tons of likes and thumbs up for completing this challenge with grace. But Twitter users gone mad at her for polluting the ocean.

#BottleCapChallenge is already have a winner – “Mariah Carey”. However, many celebrities got involved in this challenge. Justin Bieber took this challenge and his wife Hailey asked Kendall to do the same. So, model fulfilled her demand and shared a video on her instagram account.

In that video, she was riding a jet ski in the middle of ocean and through the water splash of her jet she knocked the cap off of a water bottle. She completed this challenge gracefully and you can say in a cool way. Her Instagram fans loved it.

However, twitter users slam her for taking this challenge and accused of polluting water.

A user said, “Littering is not a ‘fun challenge.’ Next.”

“Great more plastic in the ocean for a useless challenge.” Another said.

It is a disturbing comment though“She put a bottle cap….in the ocean. is it a kill the sea creatures challenge?”

An angry person said,“She better pick that shit up!!!!!!”

Another unhappy twitter user said “Why does she think that so impressive? Ok ok she got the attention she so much wanted and apparently needed. Do she feel better now? Next time do something more constructive & maybe save the planet or feed some starving kids somewhere? Use her fame wisely not stupidly!”

I think that people don’t miss a chance to slam a celebrity , so how can they miss this chance. Kendall responded to these comments and said that she had got the bottle cap from the ocean just to keep the creature safe.

The 23-year-old model performed this challenge in a tiny bikini and she is enjoying vacation with her friends.


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