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TRAILER ALERT: Subedar Joginder Singh

This film is a long-awaited one. It talks or rather the plot to it is about this one brave soldier, Subedar Joginder Singh, a man who solemnly demolished all the waves of the Chinese attacks in the days of Sino-India war of 1962 several decades ago.

We all know that filmmaking is all about delivering a vision that will capture the attention of the viewers and the general public as well. We can be able to see this fact in this very film.

With the very many advancements either technologically, in terms of tastes, in the 21st Century, more people and more so the youths are seen to be very much inclined to fictitious cinemas. This film has had that catered for and it is seen evidently in the trailer.

With the thought, aim and objective by the filmmakers to make a commercially viable film that will attract a number of customers and a lot of viewers as well, they evolve the film, Subedar Joginder Singh, which is evident to have been produced following one determined and dedicated soldier working tirelessly with the aim of serving faithfully his motherland during the times of wars.

The producers have therefore come up with an astonishing trailer for the film which is very much interesting and breathtaking as well.

In the trailer, all the best-acted scenes and the favourite scenes have been perfectly captured in a summary but detailed manner as well. It takes perfectly well the viewer through the life of this soldier, one outstanding among other twenty-one exceptional soldiers who gets to be awarded the highest wartime gallantry award after his fight took a lot of people with surprise.

He, the soldier, displayed a lot and extraordinary courage to be brave enough to fight against all odds and emerge the victor in the end. This is a supreme sacrifice of an individuals life.

But, Joginder did not mind for he was focused on prosperity in the long run. This trailer tries and seems to blend in elements of curiosity of what happened? Where did the scene occur? By whom did it occur? And many more. This way, the viewers are looking forward to watching the trailer to watching the whole film in details and keenness without being told a thing. Capturing the trailer in a way that shows that the film was captured in the 1962 era is also an important aspect that the makers thought wise to make.

Aleeza Batool
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