‘Airaa’ Review: Silly Ending Ruins A Well-Shot Ghost Tale!

Fans are not satisfied with the astonishing end of Tamil film "Airaa"

Airaa Movie Review

“Airaa” is an upcoming Tamil movie. This movie directed by Sarjun. This is a horror movie that has some real clicks of ghost and fright. All cast did well in the film. Everyone is looking fully dedicated to his role.

However, besides all these factors, Airaa is recently released film and fans are expecting more from it as it has. The fans are becoming indifferent while seeing the ending. They said that the start of the movie is very good. It has all good shots that are good to make a film horror like thunder, rain and a dark night. The bungalow has a deserted outlet that looks scarier.

After sometime viewers came to know that this bungalow is of Yamuna’s grandmother home. She starts living there after some clash with her parents. The Yamuna is working as a press reporter. And her boss wants to click some ghosts mark for YouTube and decided to mark the bungalow for clicking.

This idea is just an imagination for ghost but what if there is really creep around of that in the Bungalow.  All the shots are going in a good sequence but suddenly the movie is coming to an end without clearing many explosions. Viewers have some questions regarding the end of the movie.

The writer of the movie has written up to the mark. The cinematography is also outstanding. But a buzz like an end makes all the viewers more astonishing and surprising. Because the end is very unbelievable and not easy to understand.

This confusing puzzle can be sort-out by the director Sarjun. He has to make the end scene very clearly. But it has some exaggerated scenes that ruin the amazing sequel of horror and film’s impact.


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