Top sales enablement companies

sales enablement companies

What is sales enablement?

Developing a product is one thing but selling is an altogether different ballgame. And it is a very well-known fact that without a good sales team even the best product in the industry will never see the light of the day. So, it is very important to understand the importance of a sales team and to guide them towards higher ROIs and better performances. But, how do you help your team grow better and work more efficiently to get better results? Well, the simple answer is Sales enablement companies. 

Unlike sales training, which focuses on improving a sales rep’s approach towards selling and skills, sales enablement is a process that guides the individual to improve his productivity through various resources, tools, guidelines, and training techniques. And with the increasing interest shown in finding the best sales enablement solutions for their teams, a lot of organizations are turning to sign up with sales enablement companies and guide their team work better and faster. So, if you are one of those people who are looking through a series of sales enablement companies available, continue reading as we will list out the top companies offering sales enablement solutions. 

  1. Highspot: Highspot is an AI-powered tool that offers a lot to the organizations when it comes to sales enablement solutions. The company focuses on building a sales team with strong core values while adding innovation and a creative approach to their skill set through various resources and tools. A content management tool, it helps the sales reps get access to the entire content in an organized and easy-to-understand method.

    With the help of analytics, it can help organize data and put the best performing content on the top of the table thus making it easier to get access to it. It is one of the leading sales enablement companies offering content management solutions to organizations.
  2. Mindtickle: Another major player in the industry is a data-driven sales readiness platform known as Mindtickle. A modern-day software, Mindtickle is data-driven and uses in-depth analysis to guide the sales reps to increase their growth while working towards delivering better results.

    Through a set of definitive tools, guides, and resources the sales readiness platform helps increase the conversion ratio, develop a better relationship between the client and sales reps, increase the onboarding capabilities, drive the sales team to outperform themselves, and act as a host for online virtual sales events. The platform offers the managers all the numbers needed to drive their team and coach them under the right guidance.
  3. Acquire: Acquire is a live chat solution that works on the interests of your targeted user base. Based on their browsing behavior, Acquire will send out personalized messages to the prospects. After understanding their browsing behavior and recording their activity from it, Acquire creates different classes of prospective buyers and empowers the sales reps to take the discussion further. Moreover, they have a set of tools to support the customer via live chat and screen sharing features. This leads to better service and sales boost for the teams. Not only for sales, but the tools also enable teams to offer real-time support with video chat and screen sharing features.

    This means a support executive can access the client’s screen in real-time and help them with any issues or problems that they might be facing and solve it for them without being physically present. Acquire is a futuristic tool that can benefit the company in more than one way and be the perfect sales enablement solution and sales booster. 
  4. Brainshark: Brainshark is a mobile-first solution for sales representatives and is the perfect go-to solution for any sales team looking to grow and improve their efficiency. With easy integration for SalesForce and Seismic, it offers information to the sales reps on every device they use. Because of the mobile-first functionality, it can let you train and guide the team on the go without having to turn on a laptop or computer.

    All the information is easily accessible on the phone for easy access and functionality. Some of the key features of Brainshark include content creation and sharing via the platform, get detailed insights and patterns through regular tracking, providing learning material, and offering solutions to mandate the learning of the same through tests and competitions. If someone is looking to manage a team that works remotely or is always on the field with limited to zero access to computers, Brainshark is the solution for all their problems.
  5. Seismic: The leading for sales and marketing, Seismic is a sales enablement solution that is used by companies big and small throughout the globe to increase their sales productivity and efficiency. With a focus on content management and segregation, Seismic works on the distribution of high quality based on its quality and priority for all buyer interactions.

    Along with automatic distribution, it also creates synergy between sales and marketing teams through proper content utilization to ensure brand identity and integrity. It prepares the sales reps to face the prospects and clients. With the help of machine learning and continuous analytics of their performances, individuals are trained to work on specific skill sets to improve their working and performing better. 

Here we have mentioned the top 5 tools that are used by major players to optimize their sales performances and get better results. They work on all aspects of team building, relationship building, and skill set building for individuals and help them grow not only as individuals but as teams as well. So, if you are planning to train your teams and get better outputs when it comes to securing and growing client business, you should definitely consider signing up for a sales enablement companies. We, at MindTickle, are one of the leading service providers and are focused on delivering results. Contact us today and get the best quotes based on your requirements.


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