Top Re-Skilling Workforce Certification Programs in 2020

reskilling workforce certification 2020

The world is rapidly changing, and so is the job market. New roles and job profiles are emerging every single day that were previously unheard of.

And, this will keep going the entire 2020s, and in fact, till the end of the 21st century, and beyond.

About 1.4 million of employees across the world would need re-skilling to keep up with their respective jobs by 2026.

70% of these employees would be forced to up-skill themselves, as their job profiles will no longer exist by 2026.

And, around 54% of the workforce globally will feel the need for re-skilling to not to lose their current jobs in 2020.

Most Valuable Vendor Neutral Workforce Certifications in 2020 That Will Help You Keep Up With Your Job

• BPO Professional Certifications
• Professional Certifications in HR
• International Certifications in Data Science
• Investment Banking Certifications
• Private Equity Certifications
• International Certifications in Business-Strategy Domain

Today’s Job Market is Constantly-Changing & Unpredictable
The employment trends in today’s times are dynamic, and changes every five years, or less. The skill demands of present times may not be enough after five years have gone. One needs to keep up with the pace of changes happening in their respective work domains.

Global certification industry is growing big with each day passing by, and is expected to grow manifolds in 2020 and beyond. As this industry expands its horizon in the education sector, the certifications will become more inexpensive, which would be great for young graduates & job-seekers.

Traditional Education Simply Doesn’t Suffice for The Current Skillset Needs

As per a recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum, it was found that 1 in every 4 adults in the current times demonstrated a lack of skills to perform their current job.

Prevalent Education System In the 19th Century: During this era, there was a massive shift of people from rural to urban areas. And therefore, the education system at that time trained the workforce to perform manual & clerical works efficiently in the cities, which surely worked up to a large extent.

Education System in the 20th Century: During these times, with the advent of industries across business verticals, a large number of factories were set-up globally with industrial revolution at its full swing. And hence, with little modifications made in the existing education system, the focus got shifted to making factory-workers perform efficiently.

Management during this era introduced numerous tools to optimize operational efficiency. Six Sigma, as a new managerial practice came into picture, and things worked quite well.

Education in 21st Century – Emergence of Internet, But Redundant Learning System: Education system worldwide simply was not able to keep pace with the requisite skillsets of the 21st century job profiles. With the advent of internet, and e-learning coming into picture, people are learning and acquiring skillset by themselves, as formal education has already failed to secure jobs for them.

Young professionals and college graduates are preferring freelancing, and providing remote assistance, instead of joining a regular job. Flexibility in work has gained prominence in the 21st century.

And the current job-market trends also indicate that the better you are skilled for the industry needs, the brighter are your chances to succeed, and earn handsomely.

Industry-readiness has become the most critical aspect of securing a high-paying job in 2020. And enrolling yourselves into a workforce certification program would certainly help you achieve just that!

Re-Skilling Would Serve as the Only Saviour in 2020

Re-skilling, and earning a vendor neutral certification to your name would be the best strategy to cope up with the skill gap employees currently have in their respective industry domain.

Getting yourself an industry-specific certification will not only help you get a job in the future, but will also make you eligible to demand a high pay at the same time.


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