The Most Powerful Peptide

Powerful Peptide

The number of peptides produced by every organ, gland, and tissue is impressive. But scientists know the most powerful peptide is made by the pineal gland. Its synthetically-derived analogs call epitalon.

The experiments show that epitanol intake by older people caused reactivation of the genes that were repressed in the process of age-related changes. Plus, such consumption promotes recovery of the protein synthesis process.

Peptide`s Discovery History

The history of the opening dates back to the late 1900s. Three outstanding persons are standing behind the knowledge we have. They are:

  1. German chemist Hermann Emil Louis Fischer;

  2. Professor Jean Martinez; and

  3. Soviet and Russian scientist Vladimir Khavinson.

German chemist Hermann Emil Louis Fischer was the first one who discovered peptides in 1900. His theory said that they might consist of amino acids chains produced by specific binding. In 1902 he had made overwhelming evidence that peptide bonds do exist, and in 1905 he discovered the synthesis method in vitro (in laboratory conditions).

The 1970s was the decade when most of the peptide-related studies were held. Professor Jean Martinez made his invaluable contribution to develop the methodology of peptide synthesis, as well as to synthesis of highly active and selective neuropeptide analogs and biomaterials containing biomolecules.

Soviet and Russian scientist Vladimir Khavinson made the biggest contribution. During 1970s, he was focused on doing researches in the sphere of biological chemistry, gerontology, and immunology. These researches allowed developing a concept of peptide aging control, application methods of bioregulators for aging retardation, for increasing life expectancy and quality of life, as well as for the improvement of all body systems. The real fear made by professor Khavinson is innovative solutions in further application of short peptides.

Long-term consumption effect

While our body is young, we do not have any problems with peptides because our young body still can produce them by itself in the amount needed. A healthy body produces a variety of different peptides; each is specially designed for each organ and tissue. However, while we age, their production and activity slow down, destroying the body.

The long-term intake of epitalon initiates the sequence of biological actions leading to slowing down of age-related changes. Moreover, it is also well-known that epitalon can silence the activity of some genes. For example, it depresses the work of genes responsible for causing breast cancer.

During long-time study and intake of epitanol by patients, it was found out that it has no side-effects and absolutely allergy-free.

Epitalon is famous for reducing tumorigenesis and having a highly positive effect on the endocrine system, especially on the production of melatonin hormone.


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