The Lodge 2019 Official Trailer Released, Children will accept the Grace as their stepmother or not


The Lodge is an American-British horror film written by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala. A premiere presented at the Sundance Film festival on 25 January 2019. The official first trailer has released, Let’s Check it out here.

Who is The Lodge 2019

Riley Keough, Jaeden  Martell, Alicia Silverstone, Richard Armitage, and Lia McHugh are the stars who are playing a fantastic role in this horror film.

Riley Keough joined the cast in October 2017 as well as in February 2018, Richard Armitage, Jarden Martell, and Lia McHugh included in this horror movie. However, Katelyn Wells had signed in the beginning in March 2018 and started work on very next day.

Official Trailer and Description

As we see trailer begins when Richard informs his children Aidan (Jaeden Martell) and Mia (Lia McHugh) to marry with new girlfriend Grace (Riley Keough). Basically, it is a horror story of a family film where Riley Keough tries to dwell with her two future stepchildren. Moreover, for developing a loving bond between children and Grace, they visit a remote winter cabin. But, things get worse when he leaves for work, and Grace and the Kids are alone at home. Children discover Grace’s past as a Childhood survivor of a suicide cult. Well, Grace worries when her childhood trauma threatens to resurface.

At the Sundance Film Festival, it got praise with some critics views. The Neon company acquired this psychological horror film at Sundance event by spending $2 million.


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