The Flash Season 5

“The Flash” is a great series that got much familiarity among its fans. There are five seasons so far and the sixth one may be coming later in the fall of 2019.

The plot of the show is solid each season and blending well into the next one. But there are still some plot holes and that happens with most shows so understandable for a few bad writings. Each season starts with new aspects, characters, dramas, etc. that would focus on side characters rather than the Flash himself.

But that’s the beauty of the show because it has a diversity of characters which creates tension and curiosity for viewers. The audience, to keep tuning in to watch the journey of our favorite characters of how he or she be a part of the Flash’s journey. It is a new way to watch the Flash’s life but through a different perspective instead of only focusing on Barry Allen’s viewpoint only.

It is said that the upcoming new season will explore some new features. Eric Wallace will be the new showrunner for the sixth season. And it is famous as a great leader for his excellent work. The whole team of the Flash has finally announced the airing date for the sixth season. Therefore, the news of the sixth season has been announced on 8th August 2019.

The new season will bring some new life change of Barry after BC’s great crisis. And there are possibilities of Flash death in the upcoming season. Therefore, mark the date to have this astonishing news is real or fake.


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