September 24, 2018

The film Outlaw King and controversial Nude Scene of Chris Pine

Chris Pine in the Out Law King

The Toronto International Film Festival has started on Thursday with the opening-night selection Outlaw King. A historical drama star of Netflix, Chris Pine as King of the Scots Robert the Bruce, is now talk of the town. Pine said in an interview with Zuri Hall about the fellowship his co-stars designed and joked that there were a number of beard competitions.

The film Outlaw King is co-written, co-produced, and directed by David Mackenzie. Other stars include Tony Curran, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Stephen Dillance. John Defore of the Hollywood Reporter said in his review that the film is something of a grind, but it also has some amazing moments. Chris Pine is fully dedicated to the mission of Robert, but the film has been experiencing a tough time in making him an attractive character.

Nate Jones of Vulture also mentioned two of his nude scenes with more explanation. The first scene shows his butt during a sex scene with Pugh, and then the camera smoothly moves on the backside of Pine. It shows a willingness to go on for a bit longer than comfortable. Jones added that it is a level of nudity you never saw before from a male movie star, and it makes Justin Theroux much similar to Buffalo Bill.

Jones added that the nude scene is making viewers blow, but some of them know that it was only an introduction. Pine’s character returns from his lowest point and goes for a swim by moving off his jacket and expose off his royal guy to the world. It is a long shot, but the moment ends before anyone watching the scene can say ‘Whoa’. This specific is moving and leading straight to Netflix, but it is still a bold move.

Peter Debruge of Variety also shared those feelings and opinions in his review that Outlaw King shouldn’t be compared to the various films. Netflix has a mechanism to bring millions of more subscribers in this November. Debruge tweeted that they inserted a free of charge nude scene of Chris Pine in the middle of bloody, muddy Scottish battle the legend OUTLAW KING.

Pine didn’t yet issue any comment about his nude scenes in the Outlaw King. He argued last year, “I think the way our society deals with is so stupid. Whenever people watch bed in a movie, a woman covers her breasts and a man covers his unwanted items. But, if you are getting out of bed, it isn’t an example of real life. It’s what people watch and think”. The film Outlaw King premieres on November 9th, 2018 on Netflix.

Some Tweets have shown the latest comments from viewers:

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Written by Tony Altidore

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