What is Halloween

what is halloween

Halloween is the one of the most famed festival that is celebrated by the Celts. This event is celebrated every year on 31st of October. This is also known as “All Saints Day”. It was celebrated last year on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. This year it will be celebrated on Wednesday. The festival that is celebrated today is belong to the Celtic people in Britain. It is famous by the name as Samhain now. Later on, after many years the Christian traditions also included in this festival.

At Samhain, the Celts used to wear mostly dresses of white colour with blackened faces. Many of them wore scary masks and costumes. These costumes can be the heads and skins of different animals. There is a creepy atmosphere everywhere in the event. All the people find each other with a different ghost look. These people believe that on that day all the bad spirits and souls are back on the earth. They have faith that these spirits may harm them. To make themselves safe from these evils they slaughter many animals. They also make a number of sacrifices like burning their crops. All the Celts gathered under one platform and sacrifice their animals and burn crops. They make bonfire in a very wide way. They look more scary and terrifying.

All the kids visit door to door homes and the families to receive different gifts. Most of these gifts are the sweets, soul cakes etc. The kids collect these gifts from the several families on Samahain day in exchange of prayers.

This event became more popular among the American after the Second World War. Many children also take part in this festival. They played many tricks to terrifying people like jumping on them after wearing a ghosty costume. On the other hand, there is the end of fear. They make endless efforts to make people scary by different tricks.

The Samhain event also originates the carving of pumpkin.The Celts like to carve pumpkin for a scary face. It is used to avoid the fairies from entering in their homes on that day. This trick became more popular in America after 1920s. The Samhain became a big holiday festival for tricking and treating like ghost.

Pagan values and traditions of Celts are also a main part of the Halloween festival. Because they believe that the boundary line between the current people and the dead is open at that night. All the souls or spirits can openly come on earth. There is no difference between the dead or alive. They also believe that in the presence of such spirits, the priest can easily predict the future. These predictions are possible only in the existence of these evils. People by wearing animals head and scary costumes can predict the future of each other. The Celts celebrate this day at the end of Summer and the start of Winter.


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