‘The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell’ Season 2: Everything We Need to Know

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell
Image Source: Netflix

The Curious Creation of Christine McConnel is one of its kind show right now that’s been air on television and Netflix itself. This show adds a new dimension to the genre. While all the other cooking series are quite severe and competition based, The Curious Creation of Christine McConnel is thrill oriented.

The Jim Henson Company has made an extraordinary cast of friendly monster puppets to add to its horror theme. McConnell is seen to be more keen on building a strong bond with her audience and the DIY experience fun.


The protagonist of the show is Christine McConnel, who lives amongst puppet monsters. Instead of being scared of whom, she has made quite good friends out of them and bakes yummy stuff for the sake of their appetite.

The basic idea of the show is to exhibit the quiet lifestyle of hers as she continues to live with scary little creatures, being in love with a serial killer. Having a psychopath cousin around who wants to take her life adds to the fuel. The motive behind this quest of Christine’s murder is the family money who she is going to inherit soon.

This part-sitcom and part cooking are one of its kind as Christine bakes creepy edible things for the puppets.

Some Important Characters to Know:

  1. Christine McConnell: A baker and staggering artist who loves the creatures that she lives with. She is a compassionate person but sometimes lets them plot against the grumpy neighbors.
  2. Vivienne: Ghost of the woman killed by Christian’s lover.
  3. Norman: Christine’s lover who is a serial killer.

Release Date: Expected on 12th October 2019Star

Cast: Mick Ignis, Tim Lagasse, Drew Massey

Producers: Nathan Ament, Tim Gaydos, Brian Henson, Vince Raisa

Episode Guide: 6 episodes in total out of which each will consist of 26-minute.


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