The Big Bang Theory Ended with a Super Bang Conclusion and Emotions

The Big Bang Theory Season 12

The farewell of The Big Bang Theory was on Thursday night, and fans said good-bye to their favorite gang of a geek with tears and smiles. This series is ended after 12 seasons. It is one of the most-watched funny comedy tv show on CBS network. On Thursday night, CBS released its last two finale episodes in one hour time.

The last two episodes were pretty amazing, and fans enjoyed every second of it. The first half of the episode provided a quick 12 seasons recap, and viewers got the whole storyline in the first few minutes of the second last episode.

Last two finale of The Big Bang Theory unlocked some surprise. Leonard and Penny are expecting a baby, and they Won a Noble Prize. Many fans cried when Sheldon and Amy got the prize. They made it clear that antisocial scientist could make geeks and pop culture very interesting for the world.

Pregnancy news was inspiring for the fans. They liked to hear that a bond between Leonard and Penny. Another most emotional scene was when we listened to the speech about friendship importance.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1 went on-air in 2007, and the audience loved it. With time, it became no.1 comedy on U.S. Television with an audience of more than 20 million people. Every year, we watched a new season of series, and this show became better and better over time. There were some doubts that season might become a cult classic, but it overcame all these doubts and survived for around 12 years.

The cast of the series includes Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, and Melissa Rauch.

The most amusing part of the episode was when the broken elevator from 2007 started working like it was never out of order in 2019. Fans tweeted that they laughed when all that happened. They were not expecting that this elevator would be fixed at any time. Showrunner picked the last episode to make this miracle happen. They finally fixed the elevator.

The last episode of The Big Bang Theory titled as The Stockholm Syndrome, and it starts when a group is going to get Noble prize, after a two-month break. They are on the plane when Penny frequently go to the bathroom, and Sheldon got suspicious. He asked Leonard whether Penny is sick and he broke the news that she is pregnant.

‘Oh, please. You couldn’t upstage us. We won the Nobel Prize. Any idiot can have a baby,’ Sheldon said.

I don’t want to share every single detail of finale. I want to keep some secret for those who haven’t watched the finale episodes of the Big Bang Theory. So, go and watch the conclusion of the show and share your comments with us.




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