The 5 main advantages of digital invoicing

advantages of digital invoicing

Sending and paying invoices is a necessary activity for any company. It can be a time-consuming job unless you have digitized and automated the billing process. Digital invoices are received faster and therefore paid faster. Do you want to work smart? Digitize and automate the invoicing process. We list the 5 most important advantages of digital invoicing for you:

You save time with digital invoicing on Zintego

Traditional entrepreneurs draw up their invoice in words. This will be printed and sent to the customer by post, in the hope that the invoice will be received the next day. Then you will not have the amount in your account until after two days. This can be made much easier: The process from invoice to payment can also take place digitally, or digital invoicing. This takes a lot of manual work off your hands. For example, you no longer have an envelope or postal delivery. With digital invoicing you send an invoice as a PDF file by email. Compared to the delivery to the doormat, you achieve a considerable time saving. Reanda Netherlands helps you structure digital invoicing for all companies. 

Nowadays it can all be done even faster. You can also automate the billing process. Manual control of a digital invoice that is automated is no longer necessary.

Processing is faster

With digital invoicing you perform fewer actions when processing invoices. An invoice is processed quickly. This way you can easily create a digital sales invoice in an online invoice or accounting program. With the push of a button, the invoice is sent to the customer’s mailbox. The invoice is also immediately processed in your administration.

In addition to digital sales invoices, you can also process digital purchase invoices quickly and efficiently. You send the invoice by email to a scan and recognition program. The program posts the invoice and releases it for payment. Do you want the purchasing and sales process to run even faster? Then you can automate the processing of digital invoices with the help of software. Automation ensures that you no longer have to perform any actions yourself during the process from invoice to payment.

The steps in digital invoicing are fewer. This also reduces the chance of error. Consider, for example, the loss of an invoice and late or incorrect processing. You create a streamlined workflow that ensures accurate processing of invoices. Create an audit firm to process all sales invoices with Reanda Netherlands.

Digital invoicing offers real-time insight

With handy solutions, digital invoices are quickly processed and stored in the cloud. This ensures an administration that is up-to-date and accessible at all times. An up-to-date administration provides real-time insight. Insight into the current figures. In this way, the entrepreneur knows at a glance how his company is doing. Because digital invoices are stored in the cloud, you can view the administration regardless of your location.

Keep invoices safe

Digital invoices are invoices that are securely in a fixed place. With an online accounting program or scan and recognition software, invoices are stored in the cloud as standard. You therefore benefit directly from the security structure of these systems. The data is physically stored in multiple locations. This means that your data is always safe should something happen at a certain location.

In contrast to digital invoices, paper invoices are stored on the PC or placed in a binder. The binders are stored in a cupboard in the office. Compared to the traditional situation, security in the cloud is more secure. We hope not, but imagine a fire breaking out in your company. What does this mean for the data on your PC or in your binders?

It saves money

A digital invoice does not need to be printed. The invoice is digitally archived. This saves on paper and ink costs. Since the shipment no longer takes place by post, you save on postage costs. An additional advantages of digital invoicing are that you are no longer dependent on postal delivery.

You also save on costs for files and space with digital invoicing. Paper invoices are filed in a binder and stored in a room in the office. Advantages of digital invoicing are stored in the cloud, so no binders are required and you can limit space.


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