The 4 Most Commonly Noted Home Inspection Items


Home inspection items are often carried out when you are looking to purchase a home. It’s important to note these are not the same as the valuation survey that a mortgage company will request.  The mortgage company is only interested in the value of the property, this protects the money it is lending. 

A home inspection is completed by an independent building consultant Sydney and assesses the structural integrity of the property along with the viability of the systems inside. It is much more comprehensive and should be undertaken when purchasing a property and periodically thereafter. 

These inspections check many features but the4 most commonly noted issues are:

  1. Structural issues

Houses are generally built on concrete foundations and, when they are first built, they will settle slightly. This is because the concrete base is settling on the compacted soil below. Settling usually produces a few small cracks in the walls. 

However, if the house is past the settling period and cracks are visible in the basement or horizontally on the walls, the property is likely to be moving. The question then is by how much. You may be dealing with subsidence that needs to be dealt with promptly.

Structural issues also cover issues with the roof. You need to know about these as water getting in from the roof can cause significant damage inside your home. 

2. Plumbing System

The plumbing system is essential if you want running water and to enjoy a hot shower or bath. However, pipes and joints can fail, especially if they are old. One of the most common issues in older houses is leaks. They will require you to replace all or part of the plumbing system. But, alongside this, you’ll find that the leaks can cause a significant amount of damage to the floor and subfloor, even affecting the structure of the house. The damp will lead to wood rot and increases the likelihood of unhealthy mould.  

Be especially aware in older houses as you may discover lead water pipes, these are hazardous to your health. 

3. Electrical System

The electrics in your home are just as important as the plumbing. Old electrics are likely to justify a rewire. This is because the protective sheath will be disintegrating and the system is unlikely to be able to handle the demands of a modern house.

The result is constantly tripping fuses and an increased risk of electric shocks and house fires.

You need to be prepared for this as a complete rewire is costly and invasive. 

4. Pests

One of the biggest pest issues that many Australian homeowners face is termites. Of course, this isn’t the only pest that can get into your home. But, it is one of the most serious. After all, a colony of termites can go undetected for an extended period and do extensive damage to your wooden structure. 

Finding these issues doesn’t mean the end of the road for a property. It simply means it needs work. The earlier you find the issue the less work that is required or the better prepared you can be to do the work. 



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