Sugaring – The Best Hair Removal Technique for Sensitive Parts

Hair Removal Technique

Most women struggle hard when it comes to choosing a hair removal method. While many settle for shaving because it is quick others go for waxing as it pulls the hair from roots while yet others choose sugaring as it leaves the skin soft and hairless for weeks. Sugaring is gaining popularity among women of all age-groups because of the tremendous benefits it offers. When it comes to sensitive parts, it is particularly recommended to go for sugaring treatment. Top brands offer exclusive bikini sugar wax kits to get rid of the hair around the bikini line. Let us take a closer look at why it proves to be the safest bet. In this blog, you will know about Sugaring-The Best Hair Removal Technique for Sensitive Parts. visit here

An All Organic Treatment2

Sugaring paste is prepared with organic ingredients such as lemon, water and sugar. It does not contain any strong chemicals or additives. It is thus soft on the skin and does not cause any harmful side effects. It is suitable for all skin types and even the sensitive areas. Sugaring paste prepared for sensitive parts is even more soothing. It does not cause any redness or abrasion. Besides, since it is water soluble it does not leave behind sticky residues. A quick cold shower is enough to clean the skin post the treatment.

Less Painful

Bikini wax treatment can be quite painful. However, you can lessen the pain by choosing the organic sugaring paste instead of the usual chemical-based wax. This is because the water-soluble paste sticks to the hair rather than the skin. So, it does not cause much pain on pulling even though it removes the hair from roots. Exfoliating the skin a night before the procedure further helps in conducting it smoothly.

No Possibility of Cuts/ Burns

Since the paste is applied warm, there are no chances of incurring burns as is the case during waxing procedures. It does not even involve any sharp equipment. Thus, there is no chance of cuts or wounds.

DIY Procedure

You can carry out the sugaring treatment at home without much hassle. All you need is a sugaring kit from a good brand. It does not require heater, strips or anything else. The steps to carry out the procedure are quite simple. Here is a quick look at the same:
Apply warm paste in the opposite direction of hair growth.
Press it to ensure it sticks properly.
Now, hold the layer from the edge and pull it in the direction of the hair growth in an instant.
You may repeat the procedure in case you see tiny strands of hair left behind. It does not cause any redness even when repeated multiple times on the same part.
Use a damp cloth to clean your skin post the treatment or take a quick cold shower.
Do not apply strong chemical-based lotions or deodorants on the treated part. Also, avoid hot shower bath for a day or two.
We hope this article helps you understand why sugaring is the best option when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Do let us know if you require more information on the same.


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