Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: Filming Started, New Captain, Return of Lorca & More!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: Filming Started, New Captain, Return of Lorca & More!

Star Trek

Star Trek Discovery is a great series with all the action (war against Klingon). The interaction between characters [Michael Burdam (half Vulcan half-human) and the rest of the crew. Moreover, the element of suspense and surprise that the show offers.

It’s about exploring new planets, new alien lives, and their new alien systems, time travels, spaceship wars, future technologies test type of stuff if you like. Then it’s a masterpiece on these type of stuff. This is darker than anything that has come from the Star Trek stable before and has a grown-up, visually stunning, feature film quality feel.

Now the fans of Star Trek have some good news. As the show will remake for the next sequel. The central character is Burnham who has a coldness that comes from her Vulcan upbringing. It will progress you to see this coldness thaw. And in Season Two her disconnect from Spook is skillfully explored coming to a very satisfactory conclusion at the finale.

Although, Burnham is the central character it’s not just her show with support from the others. There are many other brilliant characters who will have strong storylines in upcoming season 3. And who could also quite conceivably carry a spin-off and the story opens up these possibilities beautifully without betraying the Star Trek Canon.

Currently, the production of the series has been started. And it will expect that the show will hit the theatres in late 2020.

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