Android VS iPhone? EveryThing You Need to Know

Android VS iPhone

Android VS iPhone is starting to let us a big information website where it is sharing the good article on the product and Amaze Invent is also choosing a good product to let us a good review.

When you reach at the website so, there isn’t even a good look that you can see and share it out immediately that such a great website and basically, the website should be a simple look like that goes to touch our heart internally and externally.

Guys! in this post, I am going to show you how Amaze Invent will be a top affiliate website? Because of the Amazon is providing an amazing service to buy even a product from any guy and you can get some commission.

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Android VS iPhone?

Android VS iPhone

Picture Source: AmazeInvent

Everything is not easy to do as the Amaze Invent is going to start? Nowadays, it is taking some tough action due to rank.

Coming soon the Android will bring a big update that will impress to the iPhone users and trying to catch them towards Android while the iPhone users will have already impressed after releasing that update.

If you’re going to buy a smartphone and thinking that which should be better for life-time and it is very difficult to know and to choose either the phone is having very high prices so, first you must have to know each an everything about that phone which you’re going to buy and almost know that the platform is really good what the background of that mobile?

Top 5 Best features of Android VS iPhone

1. App Stores

There was little not but much different due to the iPhone isn’t bringing a new update in their own app store while an Android is trying to do not touch it too but how we will get an Android of our question?

Neither the Apple store nor the Google play store is flawless at regulating and managing the millions of apps.

2. Applications

Oh! applications that sound good. But did you ever know the iPhone is taking some action on the application due to the developer is bringing fucking apps?

Google play store wins her as it has about 3.5 million apps, whereas, Apple play store only has 2.2 million apps.

3. Charge time and battery life

It is very important to have some or more information about it due to nowadays the peoples are willing to have a good mobile with its battery timing is also better than the mobile that is why you have to choose that you like don’t forget to check its battery timing that really needed nowadays.

Android said: Mostly phones have better battery life-time.

iPhone said: Usually, Don’t have better battery life-time.

4. Storage capacity

Guys! you have to know more than storage due to if you really want iPhone and did not care about its storage so, one day you will be thinking that what you did even read some information.

I don’t care when my friend used to buy a new smartphone and leave its own features just using.

5. Camera

Guys! don’t you know then a talk comes about the camera so, what do you feel? Either the phone must be in good condition.

Both of the Operating System, whether it is Android or iOS, both of them possess good camera apps which are fast as well. Read more:


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