Staircase In The Woods: Get Your Own World Of Nature To Be Explored!

staircase in the woods

If you search on google for the term “staircase in the woods,” you’re going to get some pretty amazing scenes right away. Like the ones, you would see in a movie. An amazing landscape type of view with trees that cover the horizon. Sometimes, the actual view from inside a forest. And inside that, a staircase, a rather amazing one. Leading to a beautiful cabin or a treehouse.

But, have you seen these pictures where a staircase is in the middle of the forest, literally leading nowhere. Just a set of stairs, starting and finishing on nothing. Like, around 15 to 20 steps, and that’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sounds kind of like a suspense/thriller movie opening scene, right?

This article is all about the stairs in the wood’s phenomenon. After several hours and several sources for research, we have come up with some explanations and also a few insights into the story. So sit back, and enjoy the whole content.

How did the “stairs in the woods” story start?

It all started from the thread on Reddit. You can just lookup up “stairs in the woods reddit”on google. You are going to get a lot of stories and explanations hiding behind it. So, let’s take a look at the actual facts. You can just lookup up “stairs in the woods reddit”on google. There are going to be a decent number of images in front of you.

staircase in the woods

Back in 2019, there was a story shared by a Reddit user. At that time, it seemed like a pretty decent fictional thriller or a suspense story. Many even thought that it was a publicity stunt for an upcoming story book or series. But little did we know, it was far more complicated than that.

Common characteristics of the phenomenon

It is almost like an urban legend. There are literally thousands of related stories on the web. But none of them are conclusive. Because there are so many conspiracy theories behind this, it is nearly impossible to come up with one.

But there have been several sightings from all around the world about a similar type of phenomenon. The weirdest thing and the most common one observed about the staircases is that they never seem abandoned. They are quite clean, free of any type of vegetation or in a type of excrement from wild animals.

It would almost seem that the stairs that are supposed to lead to a cabin in the woods are a fancy treehouse. But the fun part is that there aren’t any.

And in some cases, it is noticed that there is a cemetery nearby that location. Another wild fact about the staircase in the woods is that sometimes people have disappeared at that location.

Now, this disappearance is not present in every single location but only in some of them.

Some famous stories regarding the stairways in the woods

One of the statements from physical observers of such phenomenon goes way back to the date 1940. Just after the Roswell accident, numerous cases of mutilated animals have been seen in one of the similar phenomena in the western Forest region of the United States.

In Sweden, two young men found just a random letter in the woods. As I already mentioned, “young,” they decided to climb. The two young individuals started climbing the ladder with at least five to seven steps difference. When the person leading the climb felt that his partner dusted him in the shoulder, he turned around and saw that his partner was nowhere near him to gain physical access. He was beyond the reach of his hand.

Another common thing about this phenomenon is that there are no symptoms or symbols of any demolished architectural establishments. This means that there is absolutely no evidence or proof that there has been any building or any other establishment in the nearby area. It’s just that random staircase.

The material of the staircase is also a mystery because it is never the same. In Cambodia, it is seen to be made out of stone; in the United States, there are sightings of wooden staircases. Similarly, in the rural region of China, there are sightings of staircases made out of unadorned concrete. The type of which you would usually see inside a regular building that you live in.

While the staircase in the woods is such a big concern?

Well, the actual sighting occurred during a mission regarding the expansion of urban territories. The first couple of sightings back in the late 30s or early 40s were random staircases in the middle of the woods. In an ordinary sense, it should not concern people as much are doing.

But the fact is that there was nothing ordinary about it. Usually, a staircase is related to either a building or an establishment that aims for human beings to be in existence inside. 

There is just a simple staircase with 10 to 20 steps regarding all of the staircases in the woods. After that, there is absolutely nothing. It would just seem that someone started to build a staircase to a building, but they decided not to continue the project after some time.

This would seem pretty reasonable. But the fact is that people always construct the building first, then the staircase. There is absolutely no history, even in ancient. That staircase is built first and then the rest of the building. 

This phenomenon is now trending on a lot of different social media platforms. You can even search for the staircase in the woods TikTok; you will get a lot of results. People are giving all sorts of explanations, and different debunk theories about the whole thing.

The most recent story that emerged regarding this theory

Staircase in the woods is not unknown by people who served a lot on the Internet. Especially, who have a thing for wild stories about urban legends and different kinds of stuff. A very recent story about his whole thing is from a travel blogger. Due to some personal conditions, this is the first time that he did not agree to disclose his information. But we can still get all of the information directly from him, only with the condition that we cannot disclose his identity.

He stated that, while on a trip with a group of friends, one of the group members wandered around all by himself while the others were setting up a camp. Upon hearing a sudden scream from that particular member, all of the other group members rushed to that location. They saw that there was just a weird staircase rising from the ground and ending in nowhere after 22 steps.

The Blogger also stated that, upon being in contact with the staircase, they felt quite mesmerized. It was almost like the staircase was hypnotizing them to stay with it. We do realize that hiking for several days, in words, might cause severe dehydration and lack of brain focus which can lead to such types of illusions.

But, as much as the stories go, it is also related to the same phenomena that have been reported from different parts of the world with absolutely no connections from each other but still with such similarities.

List of confirmed sightings of stairways in the woods

Below is a list of some of the confirmed stairways in the woods that have been sighted worldwide.

l  Vanishing staircase- western United States, the 1940s

l  Ghostly staircase in Sweden, the one with supernatural like activities

l  The Loretto Chapel staircase in the woods

l  Mount Phnom Kulen

l  Stairs to nowhere in Virginia

You might see different theories and explanations behind this. But let me tell you that none of it has been confirmed at least 50% to be affected. So, before believing any creepy story and get yourself freaked out, Don’t do it. There might be some explanation that we are yet to discover. But one thing that we know for sure is that all of the stairs in the woods are not something that can be easily explained. And it is not normal at all.

FAQs: Staircase in the woods

Q1: What is the staircase in the woods all about?

Answer: This is just a phenomenon; this is nothing but a  topic for gossip. If we look at the mythology and history regarding this, we will see that people used to think that these mysterious stairs all started under the ground and then headed to the sky. But in reality, nothing happens like that. These things happen because abandoned houses fall apart, and the only stair stays alive.

Q2: Does the staircase represent anything?

Answer: The staircase in the wood represents numerous things. People especially wondered what the staircase meant here. Well, symbolically, the staircase indicates a destination-less journey, which has no station.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have dived deep about the staircase in the woods phenomenon. This is a very interesting fact broke the internet overnight. Therefore, people started exploring these staircases like Ghostly staircase in Sweden, Madam Sherri’s Stairs, Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo, Stairs to Nowhere Virginia, and many more.

Have you explored any of them? Let us know in the comment section.


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