Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelves – A Universal Accassory On a Professional Kitchen


For the rational use of every free space, specialized restaurant establishments need restaurant shelving stainless steel that allows businesses to neatly arrange all kitchen utensils. Such accessories and tools are always at hand, but at the same time don’t cause discomfort to the cook during preparing food, as well as to the rest of the staff of the cafe or restaurant. When buying, you should take into account the height and depth, starting from the dimensions of the room where the furniture will be placed.

Benefits of wall mounted metal shelving

Despite the huge number of various types of material, a stainless steel wall shelf for the kitchen are considered the most common and practical to use. This is primarily due to the following list of advantages:

  • Long service life.
  • Resistance to negative aggressive influences – such shelves are not affected by corrosion, detergents and other household chemicals during cleaning.
  • Stainless steel shelves are made of metal, which meets sanitary standards, and therefore is suitable for use in any area.
  • Able to cope with heavy loads – the constuction can handle a weight of about 50 kg.
  • Hygiene of the material – the metal does not absorb foreign odors, it also is easily cleaned from various kinds of contaminants.

You can buy kitchen accessories shelving casters and choose from a wide range of furniture for professional kitchens from different manufacturing companies.

How to choose stainless steel wall shelving?

When choosing the right steel restaurant equipment , you need to focus on two main criteria:

  • Furniture dimensions – depend on the free space in a professional kitchen. Most often, the height of these constructions is standard, and the width can be different and depends on the specific model.
  • Door design – stainless steel kitchen shelves can be equipped with hinged or sliding doors. Hinged doors are considered more practical and convenient to use, but if the shelf hangs above the work surface, it is best to choose models with sliding doors. Otherwise, there is a high risk of injury.

In addition, when deciding to buy restaurant shelving stainless steel, do not forget about a few more important aspects. First, you need to take into account the optimal number of shelves, and the distance between them. After all, not always you may need a huge number of shelves  in the kitchen, and the height plays a special role when it is necessary to place high containers with liquids or seasonings on the shelves.

Stainless steel wall shelf: Features of operation

These shelves are made of special food steel, which does not lose its original qualities even during intensive use. Such open structures are especially popular, as they provide direct access to all objects that are on the surface. In addition, restaurant shelving stainless steel belongs to the category of compact furniture:

  • It allows you to easily organize free space in the professional kitchen of a catering establishment.
  • Suitable even for small spaces without reducing their original dimensions.
  • As a result, metal furniture can be an excellent alternative to massive wooden structures that take up all the free space, visually “narrowing” the room. 
  • The material is considered to be moisture and heat resistant, easily and quickly cleaned of various kinds of contaminants. Compared to wood, metal does not absorb liquid and is considered environmentally friendly, completely safe, both for human health and the environment.

Thereby, wall mounted metal shelving is a great investment! Such furniture has a democratic cost, and therefore can become an addition to any professional kitchen, regardless of the budget allocated for the purchase of equipment.



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