Significant Chaneges Towards this Rockstar Game “GTA 6”

gta 6

Grand Theft Auto is the most awaited game for many years. There are many speculations and rumors on the internet spread like uncontrollable torrents.

GTA VI has many important things players should get to know that. GTA VI is one of the most excellent game. Let’s see all the detail of this game.

For many weeks, a significant number of rumors regarding the release date of GTA VI. Previous leaks are saying GTA VI would come into the next generation. Recent stories suggest GTA VI will be console exclusive.

Therefore Rockstar release GTA VI with play station 5 and Xbox Scarlet. We expect that Rockstar will release this game in the following year. Fans are asking that GTA VI will facilitate microtransaction or not.

There are many chances that this game will facilitate microtransaction. According to sources, this feature is a significant rockstar games achievement. There will be a need for a necessary permit for players to buy virtual products for this game.

Moreover, microtransactions have become an essential feature for all games such as Fortnite, PUBG. Therefore, it will create a competitive setting across players. This fantastic feature will make GTA 6 a revolutionary game.

According to Two Interactive, GTA 6 will be confined to the next generation like Xbox Scarlet, and PlayStation 5. As I said, there is a big chance that this game is console exclusive.

In this way, Sony PlayStation 5 will benefit on the release of GTA 6. After the release of the game, it will be available on PC. Therefore, players who want to buy then they should wait for Sony to release PlayStation 5.


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