Salma Hayek’s Anti-aging, Healthy Diet And Beauty Secrets

Salma Hayek image
Image Credit: The Daily Beast

Salma Hayek’s sound eating routine and exercise schedules make her look better than anyone might have expected at 52 years of age and she’s urging others to make a similar move to get a lovely body and a flawless skin like hers.

Salma’s looks seem to get better with each passing day. This leaves us with many questions on how she gets such an amazing look. With a sound eating regimen and regular fitness routine, Salma’s keen about the manner in which she carries on with her life and it’s driven her to end up the motivation to many ladies her age.

It transforms out she’s absolutely into helping other people who ask her recommendation too since it’s something she’s glad for and feels anybody just try it as per their wish.

Tip: 10 Anti Aging Tips

Sources close to Salma revealed to Hollywood life that she does not keep her diet tips a secret. Salma’s eating regimen comprises lean proteins, loads of vegetables and fresh fruits, and other natural products.

She practices routinely, takes great care of herself, gets a lot of rest, drinks loads of water and avoids the sun.

Her routine is basic however she is exceptionally controlled about eating admirably, rehearsing yoga and taking great care of her delicate skin as well.

She attempts to get facials on regular basis, never sleeps with makeup on and furthermore avoids high levels of sugar intake. This diet seems somehow strict but you should never be afraid to try it.


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