How Salesforce Health Cloud is Helping With the Pandemic

Health Cloud is Helping With the Pandemic

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the world in a variety of ways. The peace of mind of being able to go out without worry has been destroyed. Businesses are running at slower levels in some industries than ever before. The sad truth is that some businesses are not going to recover due to cash flow problems that they encounter. The adaptability of many businesses has allowed them to stay thriving with remote employees growing in number immensely. 

Salesforce has taken the pandemic seriously by eliminating travel for employees internationally. The company has been one of the leaders in rescheduling events as safety is a priority. The ability to work from home was a no brainer for the CRM giant as many tasks can be done just as well remotely as in the office. 

What is the Health Cloud by Salesforce

Salesforce Health Cloud allows organizations to use the capabilities of the cloud while maintaining security. This helps manage the relationships between patients and a medical practice/hospital. The true aspect of this product that is great is being able to see a complete view of a patient. In the days of the Coronavirus, this complete view can provide clarity to whether a person is a potential carrier. 

The ability to look back at previous health conditions and medications is important. A patient can be treated in an efficient way and time matters during this pandemic. Looking into this with Salesforce consultants can allow an organization to truly see the power the Health Cloud truly possesses. Being able to see which patients might have been in the office for an appointment during the time someone came in that was diagnosed with COVID-19 can help reduce the spread. 

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Salesforce Health Cloud Provides Nearly Real-Time Data

In addition to donating a health amount of money to the CDC Salesforce has also opened up its Health Cloud for free. There is free access to emergency response teams which is incredible at flattening the curve. Health systems that have been overrun by the Coronavirus can use a streamlined solution to organize data. The real-time data that is gathered can provide peace of mind to many in areas that might be impacted in a far lesser way than areas like New York City. 

Salesforce Health Cloud Helps SImplify Telemedicine

The increase in appointments that have been set virtually has increased as many people do not want to go into the doctor for a checkup while healthy. The ability to store relevant data and look at a patient’s entire history becomes far easier with Salesforce Health Cloud. The worry about patient information being leaked is nearly eliminated with this secure platform. Telemedicine has had restrictions on its billing reduced during the pandemic leading to a plethora of healthcare professionals to start offering this as an option to patients. Below are just a few ways that the integration of telemedicine and the Health Cloud has helped with the pandemic:

  • The reduction of people going into healthcare organizations helped reduce the spread. Sitting in the office waiting with potentially sick patients has been eliminated with easy to use telemedicine platforms. 
  • Organization of medical history being right in front of the doctor allows them to get a full idea of what is going on with a patient.
  • Potentially infected people can meet with a doctor virtually to describe their symptoms. The last thing that anyone wants is an infected person out in public and potentially spreading the virus. 
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Salesforce has helped companies of all kinds reach the next level with their incredible solutions. It is not surprising that the company is now helping the general public stay as healthy as possible. Being able to utilize Salesforce Health Cloud can change the way that healthcare organizations approach the pandemic. Even in these times where restrictions are being lifted, the health of each individual should still be the focus. 


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