Ruth Bader Ginsburg Statue Was Unveiled In Her Native Brooklyn

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Statue

Late Supreme Court Chief Justice and an ardent women’s rights advocate, RBG gets her due tribute. Finally, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue was unveiled to mark Women’s History Month. Besides, there can be no better way to celebrate the purpose of this month, believes several women globally.

The unveiling took place in Brooklyn, the city in which the fantastic lady spent her childhood. It was the place that influenced RBG’s thoughts, and opinions and the whole city was witness to the memorable event on Friday, March 12, 2021.

In the words of Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough Prez, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue represents the woman’s stature. She was the icon of the country’s greatness. He adds that the statue will remind everyone of the value of inclusiveness.

If everyone starts believing in the same, there will be zero sign of exclusiveness in America. Moreover, the iron woman also a contributor to the planning process of the statue. The designers Marc Schattner and Gillie also have the approval stamp from RBG.

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue is a symbol of justice and equality

The public agrees that no other event could be more suitable to honor the icon of justice and equality. Apart from being a civil rights advocate, she was the force behind the women’s rights movement in the country.

She was the one who fueled the movement and supported it throughout. Moreover, thanks to her designation as the Supreme Court Chief Justice, she was able to take several important decisions to improve the position of women in the country.

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Not just a feminist, RBG fought for the rights of everyone who deserved the same. Now, after the unveiling of the statue, Brooklyn’s local government states strict rules. If you want to visit the place to see the statue, a reservation is a must.

A maximum of six people can enter the City Point at once and stay inside for 20minutes. However, following the covid rules during the visit is a must. This includes social distancing and mask policy.


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