Rumors of Rihanna Collaboration with Megan was Nothing but “A Lie”

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We have heard stories that Rihanna has a plan to collaborate with Megan Three Stallion for the upcoming song. But singer shut down all rumors on Friday by commenting on this news as “A Lie.” Let’s get more info.
A Fenty Fan Account reached out to Rihanna and asked about the recent rumors of the alleged collaboration of singers by sharing an image.
The fan asked, “WHATS DIS HUNNY,” to which Rihanna responded, “A Lie.”
So, it is pretty clear that Bad Gal is not going to collaborate with Stallion anytime soon. They might do this sometime but not now.

If you have no idea about this rumor, then you should check a quick wrap up below.
Rumor suggests that Rihanna is joining hand with Megan for a song named “Whip It. This rumor began hitting the web after a listing of the alleged tune appeared in the publishing database for Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) last Thursday.
Fans checked this listing and noticed that song was categorized alongside famous old hits of Bad Gal Riri hits, “Raining Men,” “What’s My Name” and “FourFiveSeconds.”
Now we have got precise info that there is no plan of any collaboration. But what we know that Megan wanted to work with Riri, she revealed all this on E! ‘s Daily Pop, “I definitely wanna collab with Rihanna,” she said. “That’s next on my bucket list. The Bad Gal and the Hot Girl? That would be crazy.”
Rihanna, on the other hand, has no such plan in mind. She is quite busy not only managing her business but also for the release of the new album. Details about her new album named as “R9” are scarce. But what we know at this point is that this upcoming album will do a bit of experiment with fusions of dancehall and Afrobeat music.


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