Rumors Falsified, John Cena Isn’t Replacing Dawyne Johnson “Hobbs” in Fast Franchise

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Dawyne Johnson, Our Hobbs isn’t Leaving, He will be a Part of Fast 10 Along with the Whole Fast Family in 2020!

Since John Cena’s entry has been marked in Fast 9, rumors are wandering around suggesting that Cena will replace “Hobbs” as John Dawyne will not be a part of Fast 9.

However, the rumors are wrong as there is another role for bombastic Cena in Fast 9. But, still, Cena’s role hidden undercover as makers haven’t uttered a single word regarding this.

So, Hobbs’ fans, be happy as Johnson will not be replaced. Johnson will not be a part of Fast 9 which will release in 2020. However, we will have a blasting action-pack in which we will witness Johnson as Hobbs and his crazy rival Shaw as leads. The spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw will release on 2 August 2019.

Well, the question still remains there, why Johnson’s not appearing in Fast 9?

So, here’s the answer that Johnson didn’t have much time to maintain his busy schedule and work in both the spin-off and Fast 9. Hence, that’s why he will not be seen in Fast 9.

However, it will not be an end of Johnson’s furious action with the spin-off rather he will reprise his role as Hobbs in Fast 10. 

Well, we are still curious about Cena’s role in Fast 9. May he will lead the film in a negative role.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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