Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank in Windsor

Princess Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank news
Photo Credit: UPI

Dressed up in the gorgeous gown appropriate for the royal wedding, Princess Eugenie came in Windsor Castle at St. George’s Chapel.

A full pleated skirt with a fitted botice, the princess was featured in an adorable gown. Christopher De Vos and Peter Pilotto designed it. As in 2007 London, Peter Piolotto also founded the British-based label. Since the brand is famous for its unique textile design coupled with an up-to-date feminine silhouette.

Furthermore, a neckline was also featured on the dress that curves around the shoulders towards a lower back shuttering into a full length flowing train.

Because of a scoliosis surgery in childhood, Princess requested for a low back feature costume for her wedding.

De Vos, Pilotto, and Eugenie collaborated together for making a stunning dress design. They checked all the prior royal family dress collection worn by different members and recognized a silhouette.

The dress also encompasses some conceptual background and working. Since Vos and Pilotto both worked in the East London studio and added various symbols as motifs that are eloquent for the princess. For instance, a Thistle for Scotland portraying likeliness of couple for Balmoral; the York Rose; a Shamrock for Ireland acknowledging the maternal family of bride and ivy showing the home of the couple.

Both the designers beautifully included symbols as motifs on the Princess dress and added value for her big day. The artwork was made woven into cotton, silk jacquard, and viscose blend. Consequently, a very modern and stunning looking gown was designed. Princess even increased the worth of dress, selecting it for her big day.


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