Rockstar Source Reveals Many New Details About GTA VI and Bully 2


An employee form Rockstar India reveals many details about Grand theft Auto VI and Bully 2. These two games have been rumoring for some time.

Almost six years had completed when GTA V released; therefore, fans are excited for the possible sequel of the next installment.

It is expecting a massive series and many news leaked from the past couple of years. Besides the Bully game released in 2006 but fans are waiting for another installment very soon. Well, many spoilers from Reddit are also claiming some inside stories. However, these details are not contained official spoilers.

Reddit user claimed that GTA VI development started in summer 2018, however conceptual development has been on the way for six years after the release of fifth gameplay.

Rockstar India is more focusing on Bully 2. It will be available for two platforms, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Here is some information from a reliable source at Rockstar India

The development of GTA Vi started in 2018, and conceptual development started in late 2013 after the release of GTA V for PC.  The codename of GTA VI is Project Americas. Rockstar North is the leading player of development rather than Rockstar India.

Meanwhile, Bully 2 is dependent on Rockstar India. Bully 2 versions are in development stages for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Vice City is the location where GTA VI will take place in which swamps and cities, small and bigger islands are included.

According to sources, Swamps are located somewhere in the middle side, the center city and the big island located down on the map. The mechanic is similar to the previous GTA, but many noticeable changes are done. Moreover, it will feature the dynamic building and bigger map than GTA V.

Besides al, missions will be in liberty city, in central park, and the main focus is weather system that could affect lightning, floods, and hurricanes.

The biggest claim is that the game will take place in Vice City, which is a famous place for GTA fans. Well, it will be cleared when the game will reach.

In 2002, the vice city released on Playstation 2 and players roamed the vice city where the world consisted of two islands.

So we are waiting very desperately and let’s see Are these spoilers true or not?


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