Riverdale Season 3 Finale Episode Released: Will there be a Riverdale Season 4?

Riverdale Season 3

Riverdale Season 3 has concluded with 22 episodes. The last episode was epic, and now fans want to know whether there will be another season from this series. So, if you want the answer to continue reading to get the latest tidbits about Riverdale Season 4.

Before I talk about its upcoming season, I would like to share my quick review of Chapter 56 and chapter 57. These two episodes have provided satisfactory, yet creepy answers to some of the questions fans have from the start of Season 3.

Who is Gargoyle King? Finally, Archie and her investigating team find the real identity of the King. Jason Blossom is the Gargoyle King. As we all know, Jason declared dead at the start of Riverdale Season 1 episode 1. Now seeing him as The King is indeed the biggest twist in the story, and eventually, we know that Jason wasn’t dead as he is pretty much alive.

The next question which was knocking at our mind was, “What is the Farm.” The Farm is the Human Organ harvesting site. This finding was quite shocking for every fan of the show.

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22 or Chapter Fifty-seven is the finale episode of the show. It is titled “Survive the night.” The title gives you goosebump, especially when you know what the Farm is. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead got a mysterious invitation, and they went together to get face-to-face some evils from their past once for all while chaos ensues at The Farm after Edgar makes a chilling announcement.

Will There be a Riverdale season 4?

At the start of 2019, The CW TV renewed Riverdale for Season 4. That’s mean yes you can watch another season of this mystery cum drama.

Riverdale Season 4 Release Date

It is expected to hit the CW TV in October 2019. As far as its Netflix release is concerned, we know that Netflix brings new episode of the show morning after its release on US Network. Same will happen for Season 4. It means you would be able to Stream Season 4 on Netflix in October 2019.


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