RINGSPANN Produces High-Quality Power Transmission Products With Competitive Prices and Short Lead Times


Universal joints are used in various machines with rotating shafts around the globe. These offer a secure and flexible way to facilitate the high transmission of torque between shafts with angular misalignment. They are mechanical devices that allow easy changes in position and angle while maintaining the connection between the two shafts. 

The Universal Joints 

Universal joints play an integral role in the transmission of efficient and smooth power while connecting two components together. These are typically used in a variety of equipment, machinery, and vehicles. 

RINGSPANN is recognized globally for manufacturing power transmission and material handling products. Their products are known for their high durability and precision. The company has recently launched its universal joint product line with a range of uses in multiple industries. 

These universal joints are created with high-quality, durable materials, featuring a one-piece monolithic yoke design. They include heat-treated alloy steel yokes and telescopic sections with up to 60″swing diameter joint size. Their crowned rollers are made from bearing quality 52100 thru hardened steel for long bearing life.

This compact, high-torque design offers exceptional precision and lasting service life, making them suitable even for harsh environments. The company creates products that are customer-specific to provide easy and quick solutions. 

Benefits of Using the Universal Joints 

Here are some of the many benefits of using the universal joints program launched by RINGSPANN:

  • Availability of extended travel and low-maintenance designs 
  • Custom sizes and special designs available upon request 
  • High operating angle capability
  • One-piece monolithic yoke design 
  • US technical support and design services 
  • Virtually backlash-free

The universal joints have multiple effective applications in rolling mills, process lines, casters, shredders, mixers, mining, drilling, and more. 

Major Features of the Universal Joint Program

The innovative universal joint program is set to change the game for multiple businesses with its outstanding features:

  • SAE, Metric, Closed Eye, and Split Eye Available 
  • Special Designs Available 
  • Minimal Lubrication Required 
  • Virtually Backlash Free 
  • Long Bearing Life 
  • US Manufacturing and Assembly 
  • Strong Technical Support 
  • Repair Facilities Available 
  • Supplies Replacement Cross and Bearing Kits of Competitor Units 
  • Quick Turnaround 

Wrapping Up 

High-quality universal joints are ideal for connecting shafts and other equipment to ensure smooth and safe operations. The innovative universal joint system can be used in multiple fields and industries, including metal processing, mining, oil and gas, rubber, and transportation. 


RINGSPANN has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality power transmission products since 2000. The company is known for its innovative products and services to provide the best solutions to multiple businesses and industries. Their products also include quality remote control systems and clamping fixtures.


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