Rihanna Looks Flawless on Harper’s Bazar China August Cover Page

rihanna cover page

Harper’s Bazar China selected our iconic singer Rihanna for the cover page shot . This new issue is coming this August. Riri is working on her Fenty Brand these days but she gets some free time to appear on some magazine’s cover page.

She is paying tribute to Traditional Asian Imagery through this cover photo. The photographer, art director, fashion stylist and entire editorial team on this shoot are Chinese, so  whole staff brought their vision for this single cover page.

The global beauty presented Asian image in a very iconic manner. She is looking flawless and more beautiful than recent generation models.  Rihanna won the title “King of Pop”. She was “nobody” but through her music talent she turned into “Somebody” who has global fame.

The Bad Girl Riri appeared in white dress while wearing traditional Chinese updo hairstyle and keeping two single side long braids on her face. She got bold look with red lipstick and nails. The most amazing part of her photo is the butterflies who are set not only her fingers but also on her sleek hairstyle.

A user commented ,” Wow chenman, this is so sexy and glamours, your eastern influence reflected so well through the photos and her body too! “

You can check her cool photoshoot for Harper’s Bazar China magazine here.  After exploring her collection, you will definitely say that she has done a really great job in depicting the Asian Culture and attitude.

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