Residential proxies: why are they the best?


Marketing in 2023 is a whole different beast, compared to advertisements just a few decades ago. While it took some time for the internet to take over Radio and TV, the gap has never been bigger. The average internet user, even after growing up with these technologies, sees the web as the go-to source of entertainment and assistance.

Today, everyone looks for products and services on the internet, either through social media platforms or search engines. Businesses that foresaw these trends have heavily invested in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other forms of digital marketing.

Smaller and up-and-coming companies have no choice but to follow the IT takeover and modernize their business model. Even the most primitive ventures need online marketing to maximize visibility on both local and international scales.

The world of marketing has changed, and now it is in the hands of IT specialists. Companies in 2023 build marketing campaigns with the help of data science and social media experts. Data scraping and automated social media management are the primary tools used to achieve visibility on the internet.

However, each connection to the internet as well as the performance of these tools uses the internet to communicate with web servers. This creates a problem: companies and business-minded individuals expose their public IP addresses with each connection. If competitors or tech companies behind search engines and social media platforms find out that our address is behind these connections, an IP ban will quickly follow.

Exposing your IP address is a bad idea under any circumstances. Even an accidental leak can lead to cybercriminals trying to attack or crash your web server.

Thankfully, there is a solution. To protect your business plus improve marketing efforts and effective targeting, we recommend proxy servers. In this article, you will learn about the power of intermediary servers, especially residential proxies, for the safety and efficiency of your business operations. We will also address the importance of location for marketing and data collection and how residential proxies help you change it. For example, with a Philippines proxy, you can be in a different location, connect to the middleman server, and access the internet in the Philippines. This will unblock the websites only available for visitors within the region, letting you collect data from those pages, see local search engine results, and analyze changed ads on social media platforms. To learn more about tools like this one, and get your own Philippines proxy, check out Smartproxy – one of the best proxy suppliers that offer extensive guides about these products.

To gain a better understanding of proxies and how they function, I suggest watching this informative video. Proxy Server: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Why do you need a residential IP?

With the help of a good proxy provider, you can get millions of residential IPs – addresses that belong to real internet service providers. Unlike datacenter proxies, they are assigned to real devices, making their connections authentic and much harder to detect.

With better protection and a wider selection of addresses, companies with residential proxies can do more than their competitors. They can imitate real user traffic, change your geolocation, and a large server fleet grants you millions of unique IPs with unlimited parallel connections.

Proxies for scalability

With residential proxies, it is easy to protect and scale up your business tasks. For data scraping, you can route bot connections through proxy IPs and multiply the speed of extraction with as many bots as you want.

For social media, new identities let you create fake accounts that interact with groups and pages to help them grow. If you try to create multiple users on the same IP, the newest accounts will be flagged for suspicious activity.

Because residential proxies are so good at mimicking organic user behavior, they are perfect for creating an army of bot accounts that behave like real users to help your business get attention on social media.

Why are datacenter proxies worse than residential IPs?

At first, datacenter proxies seem like a better option: they are cheaper, and faster, and the servers are bulked up in well-guarded data centers. However, because they are all bunched up in separate facilities, you can have thousands of addresses in one location with no ties to the internet service provider (ISP).

These are significant benefits of having an ISP by your side, as it makes the connection authentic. Once the recipient sees that data requests travel from an IP without an ISP, it is an instant red flag for web server owners. Search engine websites and social media platforms often forbid access for connection with such IP addresses, which makes them ineffective and unreliable.


Residential proxies are an essential tool for data-sensitive business tasks. They mimic real user connections, which keeps your IP safe at all times while your web scraping attempts and other browsing sessions remain anonymous. Do not put your business ventures in danger – get residential proxies and stay safe online.



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