Resident Event Ideas: 5 Tasting & Mixology Sessions Your Community Will Love


Tasting and mixology classes stand as one of the most well-attended resident events in the multifamily space. A combination of expert coaching, delicious food, hands-on experience, and, of course, booze, makes for great evenings that residents look forward to all year round.

Organizing tasting and mixology sessions is now easier than ever thanks to resident event planners. An events marketplace connects property managers and event organizers to host memorable experiences that residents love to tell their friends about.

Below, we’ve put together our favorite mixology and tasting experiences that are all available through the marketplace platforms.

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Wine and cheese tasting evenings

There are not many things in life better than wine, but cheese might be one of them. Marry the two together with a wine and cheese tasting experience and you’ve got an event that will be attended by the whole property.

This event gives residents the chance to sample a wide selection of different cheeses, including plenty they may not normally pick up. Overseen by a wine and cheese expert, residents will learn how to create pairings that enhance flavor they can use in their own private life.

As far as resident event ideas for apartment communities, this one proves extremely popular with guests keen to share their experiences on social channels.

Homemade Italian pizza nights

While there’s nothing wrong with a takeaway pizza, nothing quite beats the real deal. Putting on a homemade Italian pizza event for your residents gives them the chance to experience the difference for themselves. Think fresh flavors, real tomatoes, and rustic goodness.

Residents will roll and stretch their own dough, add their own toppings, and watch as it flash-cooks in an authentic pizza oven. This event can be combined with other events such as rooftop mixers to create a talking piece, breaking the ice and getting the conversation flowing.

Using RSVP features through a resident app, residents will be encouraged to attend with plenty of photo-sharing opportunities.

Tequila mixing masterclass

Whatever time of year it is, mixing classes provide a dynamic experience for residents that are both interactive and extremely fun. With tequila being, perhaps, the most fun drink of all, a tequila mixing masterclass tells residents everything they need to know to make delicious cocktails using this iconic Mexican drink.

Residents are invited to sample the variety of different tequilas with an expert mixologist on hand to knowledge-drop all you’d want to know from the history to the regional differences.

This is a hands-on experience too as residents try their hand at mixing tequila-based drinks for themselves and others. As with any alcohol-based event, there’s plenty of fun to be had with this one.  

Charcuterie Board Workshop

Putting together a well-designed charcuterie board is something of an art. While cheese and meat might play a fairly dominant role, there’s plenty more to it as residents will learn.

This masterclass teaches residents how to curate the finest international ingredients and arrange them beautifully to create food centerpieces that wow guests.

This includes sweet and savory boards that combine chic, delicate salamis and cheese with dark chocolate, as well as classic combinations of figs, blackberries, grapes and cured meats.

Residents will learn how to source ingredients, pair flavors, and put things together in a way that is truly Instagram-worthy. This not only empowers residents, connecting this feeling with your property and the events it provides, but also helps promote your multifamily as media is shared authentically.

Buffets of the world

For property management, resident events are a chance to keep your multifamily community happy, engaged, and connected. As food is something that we all love but have diverging tastes, an international buffet keeps everyone happy and is more interactive than a standard meal.

Residents are invited to come and sample food from a range of different cuisines, with plenty of unique meals to try. Setting out tables and chairs will encourage residents to stay a while, chat with their neighbors and get to know them better as they compare their impressions. When it comes to lease renewal season, reminding residents of events like this with showcased photos helps conversion, improving ROI.


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