Reasons on Why to Choose a Temp Agency

Temp Agency

The recent trends of businesses demand innovative solutions for meeting your staffing requirements. A temp agency helps clients place their staff on our payroll and ultimately administers the employee benefit plans for such staff. A staffing agency or an employment agency helps fulfil the hiring requirements of any company according to the skill sets they put forward while looking for candidates. The candidates joining the company through such an agency are not employees but temporary workers.

Such an agency also manages the necessary statutory data for these employees on temporary services. Moreover, they provide industry-standard benefits customized to clients’ requirements to bring parity in employee benefits between the company’s staff and temp staff.

While providing these temporary staffing services, the agencies work in a variety of sector verticals, meeting the needs of some of the market’s most prestigious organizations.

A combination of the right people, proven processes, and a suitable investment in technology enables an agency to enhance business productivity for their clients. This allows the companies to focus better on their operations while growing their core businesses.

Services We Provide

Temporary staffing agencies provide various services to our clients. Listed below are a handful of them:

  • Temporary employees who will stay
  • We will manage all standard contractual procedures
  • Payroll and Personnel Administration
  • Remittance of payments, Statutory compliance, and various related administration & service.
  • Employee registration under ESIC & EPF Schemes


We enable our clients to outsource their temporary staffing requirements. They are as follows.


Here, we provide our clients by sharing the CTC breakup and providing them with the issuing offer.

Joining and on-boarding

We provide them with their joining kits with a statutory form. Further, a fixed-term agreement of employment is distributed as well.

Payroll Operation

In the payroll operation, we collect the attendance input, the payroll processing, releasing of the salary, statutory compliance, and leave management system.

Query Resolve System

The query resolve system helps to get rid of any unwanted issues. It helps in handling the transition, updating the employee master. On the other hand, it too helps in communication and acknowledgement.

Benefits of Having Temporary Staffing Agencies

The standard benefits offered while offering temporary staffing services are listed below:

  • CTC based Salary statement for each employee
  • Details of Salary register
  • Details of retained amounts per employee
  • Monthly compliance confirmation report with supporting challans/returns
  • Provisioning and payment retrials liability
  • Employee Advances and Loans Register
  • Final and Ultimate Settlement in the case of separated personnel

Additional benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Numerous companies, both small or big, find it difficult to outsource their workforce needs to staffing agencies. But, if once you collaborate with the agencies, you will get to know its usefulness. These agencies provide companies with experienced and skilled workers for short-term projects. The agencies become handy in numerous situations:

  • The first and the primary area where a staffing agency can be your saviour is having a seasonal business. They will help you get workers when required; therefore, it becomes easier for you as you do not need to look for and hire people around the year.
  • Secondly, you require a skilled employee but do not wish to invest a considerable amount of money in them to get your job done. A staffing agency comes into play. They will help you by providing the highly qualified worker with a specialized skillset at a meagre budget.
  • Lastly, a situation may arise where a company may run out of resources or the time at your disposal to recruit a team. A staffing agency at that moment may help you.


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