PUBG Mobile Season 8: New Season is coming with Amazing new features and passes

PUBG Mobile Season 8

PUBG developers prepared the new season of the game. There will be many changes in the coming season such as backpack and weapons skins, new outfits, new theme, rewards, etc.

The season eight of PUBG game will offer the Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade plus feature.
Fans are very excited and want to know when will new season come out. PUBG mobile will release between 15th July- 17th July.

According to rumors, season eight will bring incredible changes to the game. the unique theme of season 8 will be “Power of the Ocean.”

Furthermore, there will be a water blaster skin for the Scar L in the gun lab. So new gun will come with the recent update called a Pp-19 Bizon Gun. The brand new gun is SMG that uses 9m m rounds, and you just attach the sight and muzzle to it.

IN PUBG Mobile Season 8, there will be new outfits in the game. This season’s theme will be based on ocean life.

Therefore, it will have many sea creatures inspired items in the game. Besides, in the PUBG Season 8, the game will feature a shark backpack skin, Scar-L, and SLR. Meanwhile, many new fantastic items in the shop section are available for gamers.

On the other hand, the elite Royal Pss will be available for 600 UC and elite plus at the price of 1800 UC.

When the players use these pass, you get higher ranks and give access to Elite mission and many other rewards as well. Fans are pleased because they were waiting for this update.


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