Post-Apocalyptic Series “The Rain” to Reach Finale with the Release of Season 3!

The Rain

The Makers Have Officially Announced that The Rain will Reach its Conclusion as its Finale, the Season 3 will Release in 2020!

The Rain is a Dutch Post-Apocalyptic Web Tv Series which highlights the frightening events taking place in Scandinavia. The series follows the story of two siblings, Simone and Rasmus and their struggle to seek shelter and haven of refuge from the apocalyptic events.

Till now, we have got 2 seasons of the series in which viewers witnessed the horrific deaths of all the city people caused by a rain virus. Somehow, the two siblings stay saved as their father. a scientist hides them in a bunker and then left. Consequently, the two siblings along with a group of other young survivors keep their journey to find life somewhere on the Earth taking refuge from the hazardous virus and seeking a way to overcome the effects of the virus.

The Rain commenced its journey in 2018. Consequently, a year after in 2019 we get Season 2 of the series. Now, the fans are eager to watch Season 3 of the series.

The makers renewed the series for its season 3 just when the season two aired.

Now the wait is over as the makers have officially announced the news of making and release of Season 3.

As per the news, The Rain Season 3 will hit the screens in 2020. It is no doubt proves to be the mesmerizing news for the fans but unfortunately, at the same time, it proves to be the heart-wrenching news as Season 3 will be the final installment of the series.

So, Get ready fans! Season 3 will conclude the horrific series and will release in 2020!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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