Nicole Kidman Stopped filming “The Undoing” as HBO didn’t get the permit

Nicole Kidman

HBO executive was planning to shoot a new series “The Undoing” with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman. However, there planning got affected just when they didn’t get a work permit from the town council. Time to know what happened.

To shoot this new series, show creators required an old summer house. They also needed to use a helicopter for a scene where they make an arrest. For that scene, the plan was to use chopper would hover overhead and they might not want to land it on the island.

However, when Location Scout Linda Perkins made an appeal to the town council for three days filming in May 2019, then this appeal didn’t get any approval. The report suggests that she didn’t get a warm welcome when she appealed.

She said, “The only one who gave her a warm welcome was Gary Gerth, the town supervisor, who said, ‘We’re excited’.” But others “were worried about noise from a helicopter scene, and the late-night filming was causing disruption”.

According to Jim Colligan- Shelter Island Councilman that the main problem is the light noise from the late-night shooting. Meeting notes suggest that he called  $15,000 filming fee “archaic”. Colligan said that he knows about all this because his daughter works in the film industry.

He is not the only one who was worried about the noise, other councilmen didn’t like the idea of the mess this shooting was going to create.

According to Perkins, almost 100 cast and crew members would be working on Shelter Island. They are going to use local hotels, rentals, and restaurants.

Local when heard about this news that councilmen rejected the proposal of filming on an island they didn’t like the decision of councilmen.

A local said, “The councilors made this big deal about filming, when it would have given the locals a lot of money in food and rentals. People are annoyed.”

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant couldn’t start shooting for “The Undoing” as location work appeal got rejected. HBO executives will soon find a new place and then the filming of this new series might begin.


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