New York Comedy’s finest presents A Sketch of New York

Actress Nicole Vukov

Actress Nicole Vukov has been gaining ground and establishing her self as a world-renowned actor. The last time I saw her she stood out as the starring role in the famous sketch comedy production A Sketch of New York. Ms. Vukov performed the starring role of the sketch comedy having the honor to perform the opening and closing sketch including twelve more sketches throughout the hour. Her performance was outstanding in regards to her comedic timing. She definitely made me laugh out loud. A star in the making.

Nicole Vukov

A sketch of New York is a renowned comedy show in New York City performed at the prestigious Producers Club. Throughout the years. Its a staple of the comedy industry. Co-wrote and directed by DiNozzi and Darien DeMaria A Sketch of New York is an ensemble show made up of 18 individual sketches. Being cast in such a show demonstrates highly the comedic quality of each actor that participates. The show has received a lot of acclaims and has been featured on,, CBS New York.

Check out the  for upcoming shows and new cast members joining The Sketch of New York family!

Now Nicole is venturing into a new chapter of her life. The film and TV Industry where she has already established a name for her self as the lead of Brindiamo! Millennials an upcoming web series which will be produced by Ornella Fado featured on Amazon Prime. She is not new to being a television actress at the start of her career came with the breakout role of Jackie in the acclaimed short film “Is She The One?”, which followed up with a few commercials you may recognize her the AstraZeneca Commercial ODE TO BREATHING, which featured Nicole as the only tennis player in the commercial.

More things to come for this renowned actress and check out a clip of Nicole Vukov starring in a Sketch of New York.


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