New Lion King Clip Teases Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen will Voice Timon & Pumbaa

The Lion King

Disney is working on the Live-action version of its Classic The Lion King.  It already released a few clips showcasing the cast and a bit of storyline. In a new clip of movie, Timon and Pumbaa are at the forefront. Timon is voiced by Billy while Seth Rogen will voice Pumbaa. Both characters are very essential to help Simba in coping through the tragic death of Mufasa – father of Simba. Jon Favreau is the director of the movie and fans are quite excited to see how he will retell the classic narrative of the most famous characters.

Eichner and Rogen are not the only voice character of the movie. We already have got details of Simba, Zazu , Nala, Mufasa and Rafiki who will be voiced by Donald Grover, John Oliver, Beyonce, James Earl Jones and John Kani respectively.

The modern remake of 1994 Disney Classic The Lion King will run for 118 while its animated version is 29 minute shorter. Fans want to know what these additional minutes bring for them.

Disney is busy in promotion of the Lion King from last few weeks.  We have seen a few clips of movie on TV and the purpose of all such clips is to engage fans until the film release.

Rogen shared the recent clip on his twitter account . in this short clip Timon and Pumbaa showing Simba ropes of living the “Hakuna Matata” life. Both are helping him in the survival process and this process include eating bugs to stay alive. In this clip, Disney teased Simba is going back to the Pride Lands alongside Zazu, Pumbaa , Timon and Nala.

Disney already made a lot of money by transforming its animated films into live-action version. But their boldest move is to do The Lion King transformation. Computer generated graphics have been used to make this film photorealistic. It is not just the director who has a high pressure of fan’s expectation; the voice cast of the film is also feeling stress because they have to sell their characters by doing their best.




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