Narcos Mexico Season 2: Get The Details of Upcoming Season!

Narcos Mexico Season 2

Narcos Mexico is the new and famous crime drama of Netflix that got popularity in short time. Now after first season fans are asking about more. So the show debuted on December 2018.

Plot of The Series

So let’s talk about all the details of Narcos Mexico season 2. The series focused on the modern Mexican drug trade where a former Sinaloan police officer turned into the drug lord.

As you know, the first season telecasted in the 1980s. They established operation with Gallardo at the head. in the whole season, we saw that Gallardo is expanding the drug business with drug territories and lords that known as Plazas.

So the season 2 will continue where the first season has left off. So the season two will start after the death of the US DEA agent Kiki Camarena. First, he abducted, tortured, and then at the end, murdered. In the second season, his death will serve as a catalyst.

Moreover, in the finale of season one, the narrator identity of the show also revealed — Walt Breslin, who is a DEA agent in charge of Operation Leyenda. In season two, we will see that they bring justice to the death of Kiki by taking down the people who are responsible for his death in which Gallardo also included.

Cast Stars of Narcos Mexico Season 2

In the cast stars of the second season, Scoot McNairy will play the role of DEA agent Walt Breslin. Besides, the previous cast will also return for the second installment in which Diego Luna, Tenoch Huerta, Teresa Ruiz, and Alejandro Edda are included.

Release Date of Narcos Mexico Season 2

No official news was made regarding the premiere date of the second season of Narcos Mexico. However season two debuted on December 2018, and according to these times of spoilers, Narcos Mexico will release in fall 2019 and early 2020.


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