Things to Do on Mother’s Day Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

Mother's Day

We have become so busy in our daily lives that spending time with our parents has taken the backseat. The present situation has slowed down our lives, and that is something that was much needed. Now that you are having to stay back at home due to the increasing effects of the coronavirus, it is a chance that you make up for all those days you could stay with your parents. Plus, the occasion of Mother’s Day brings you more scope to do something special for your mom! Here, we have some ideas for things to do on Mother’s Day.

Have you ever thought if you know what your mother wants? Do we ask them about those wishes that she never speaks about? Instead, on Mother’s Day, what we as children do is just buy an expensive gift for our mums. However, what she wants is not the gift but your time and love. Somethings in the world are so inexpensive that you cannot express those in monetary terms. One of the best examples is a mother’s love. So, the best gift that you can give your mother on this day is your time and love.

What are the things to do on Mother’s Day?

Here is a list of things to do on Mother’s Day that are better than expensive gifts. Also, don’t forget to give her a card with a heartfelt note.

Re-arrange or renovate her room

Mothers are the ones who spend the entire day managing the house and keeping it clean. Most of the times it is our rooms that they have to manage the most. So, why not give her room a new look this Mother’s Day. You won’t always need fancy things to do this. For example, you can add some family photos to the wall, or arrange some flower pots on the windows. Also, clean her room and surprise her with a bouquet and card on her bed.

Surprise her even when you are far

Many of you cannot be with your mothers due to the pandemic and lockdown. However, there is no need to be upset because Google has arranged for the best doodle that you can use for the day. The Mother’s Day special doodle is where you can make a card online and send it to your mother. There are cute hearts, buttons, and other emoticons for you to arrange the way you want, and create a cute card. Isn’t it interesting? Children can also do this fun activity along with you.

Do a scrapbook activity together

Make two cups of coffee, sit together, and start reminiscing some good old memories. Now take out those old albums and choose some of your favorite pictures. You and your mom can now sit together and work on a scrapbook. Each of you can create different pages and write notes. Then, bind all the pages together and decorate it the way you want. Such activities are not just fun, but also helps people bond with each other.

Cook a meal together

Is your mom an awesome cook? Well, all moms are great cooks no matter what they make. They can just throw in leftovers and create a magical dish. That is what moms are! Nothing short of magicians. So, why not join hands with her today. Tell her that you want to help her out in the kitchen today, and later you all can cook something together. How about a beautiful dessert that your mom loves. Ask her what she loves to eat because you will surely find out things you never knew about before.

Let her rest

Quietly switch off her daily alarm and let her sleep for a couple of hours more because it is her day! You will be surprised to find out that she would have slept much longer every day if the alarm didn’t wake her up so early. Our moms need rest that they don’t get because they are working so hard the entire day, just to make our lives a little easier. Now, cook her favorite breakfast and serve her in bed. Be ready with a camera, because that reaction when she wakes up to this will be priceless!

Watch movies

You could have done so much more if going out was as easy as it was before. However, it is all about finding newer ways to stay happy. The main point is to make your mother smile. So, after breakfast, surprise your mom with a movie date right in the comfort of your living room. Play her favorite movies, and watch them together. Arrange for some snacks as well. Let’s make it a little more special. Right?

Start yoga

Our parents are getting old, and just like you, your mother is very busy taking care of herself too. So, start the fitness journey today, and do it together! Play a workout or yoga video on YouTube for mid-age women. Now guide your mom while she follows the routine. Also remember, this is not just for Mother’s Day. Make it a routine to work out with her because working out with her will increase motivation. Besides, it is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Book a massage

One of the best things to do on Mother’s Day is to pamper the most special woman of our lives. So, you can pre-book a spa and massage at home to surprise her. All the moms must get to de-stress at times. Also, during this time, you can make her favorite dishes for lunch. What an exceptional day and that priceless smile on your mother’s face will surely make you happy.

Final thoughts

Mothers should be celebrated every day of the year because they are the ones who support and protect us no matter what. So, apart from doing all these special things on Mother’s Day, make a promise to never hurt your mom. Also, spend more time with her because mothers deserve all the happiness in the world.


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