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MIUI 11 features


MIUI 11 features are the long-awaited demands of the customers of Xiaomi that have now been introduced. MIUI 11 has some aesthetic and salient features that include Dark-mode, AOD customizations, improved UI, Dynamic sounds & many more. This impressive, customized Android operating system of the smartphone ‘Xiaomi’ was launched on 22 October 2019. Though in previous systems, MIUI has offered many features to the customers that haven’t disappointed them. But, MIUI 11 features are unique & include intuitive customer wanted features that have taken this OS one step ahead. Thus, we will discuss the MIUI 11 features and the supported devices today. 

About MIUI and its MIUI 11:

Xiaomi introduced its own operating system ‘MIUI’ for its smartphones to provide minor better performance and features. MIUI operating system is a customized operating system of Android & the two do not have much difference at all. Though the present MIUI has improved a lot and far better than previous designs & took time to get here. Though if we see then, the features of MIUI 10 is similar to Android 9 pie with minor inclusion. We know MIUI is totally based on Android, but earlier default user interfaces corresponded to iOS. It is because of not consisting of the application tray, there were some similarities with the iOS. But then Xiaomi decided to move towards Android in 2018 and started to market their smartphones, customizing the OS resembling Android. 

However, in the latest MIUI 12, people again saw the similarities with iOS 13. Furthermore, the gestures, app opening, and closing animation are also the same. On the other hand, MIUI 11 features resemble Android 10 Pie. It consists of the ‘Pie’ gesture accessible in the setting of MIUI 11. Updates of MIUI 11 consist of dynamic and salient features that include Dynamic-clock, custom codes with variants, and Kaleidoscope effects. Plus, ultra battery saver and Dark mode inclusion are the demanded features of the consumers. Xiaomi announced the official MIUI 11, promising the launch on October 16, 2019. 

The initial Beta-release was 9.9.24 bearing new icons & devices which were running Marshmellow or below dropped. When Redmi Note 8 got an announcement to launch alongside, they announced this operating system. The last Beta-release for MIUI 11 was 20.3.26. ‘MIUI 11’ introduction to the smartphone also overtook the previous version ‘MIUI 10.’ Giving consumers an optimized experience in MIUI 11.

Supported devices for MIUI 11 features: 

There are some supported devices for running MIUI 11. These features are compatible with only those phones. Unfortunately, phones that are now running on Marshmallow and this version are their latest will not get the updates. Thus, Xiaomi users for those kinds of phones may need to change their devices to enjoy MIUI 11 features. The phones will get the MIUI 11 update according to their phrases, where there are three phases.

The first phase already started its update roll during October in the previous year 2019. The second phase began after the previous phase, where there are some preferred devices for the second phase. The last and final phase is the third phase, where some old devices are going to get the update. The list of the devices that will obtain the MIUI 11 features are getting the MIUI 11 features are mentioned in this link.

Here, versions lower than Marshmallow won’t get MIUI 11 update either. But, above Marshmallow version devices will get the update.

MIUI 11 Features: 

In the above sections, we discussed the MIUI 11 and supported devices for this MIUI 11 operating system. Now, we will discuss straight for the MIUI 11 Features. Below are the MIUI 11 Features:

Dark Mode: 

Dark mode was one of the demanded features for Android users over the years. Finally the Android users got the dark mode feature on Android 10. Similarly, Xiaomi didn’t dawdle, and they also assimilated the ‘Dark Mode’ same in their MIUI 11. This mode allowed the Xiaomi users to read the text, social apps YouTube, and other apps in ‘Dark mode.’ Giving you pleasure and comfort to your eyes also gives your screen an artistic look to the screen. Constantly looking towards the bright white screen can affect your retina. For such reasons, you also feel tired. This feature will help you to focus on your screen and clearly read anything. Providing you strainless results to your eyes; furthermore, you can even run apps or texts in the dark. 

In this case, Xiaomi’s MIUI has done quite a pretty good job. Also, there is another thing that has come alongside Dark Mode, and that is Dark Mode Scheduler. This feature helps to switch on the dark mode on the user’s preferred time. The user will specify when they like to enable the dark mode, and it will be enabled automatically. Plus, when your phone goes to battery saver mode, then it can be enabled automatically too. However, Dark Mode helps to keep your device charged for long and reduces battery drainage. First, to enable dark mode on MIUI 11, go to settings > search display > Dark mode and allow it. 

Ultra Battery Saver: 

Another miui11 feature is the ultra battery saver mode. We know that a couple of apps drain out your battery life very quickly, making your device necessary for battery optimization. Thus, to save your phone from battery drainage and keep your phone’s charge for long, MIUI 11 has an Ultra battery saver. This feature helps you disable the battery charge-taking activities and background activities apps that hog memory and services. Another fantastic thing is that in the previous version enabling the ‘battery saver’ used to reduce your brightness. 

Thus, to adjust your brightness, you had to fix it on your own. This gimmick was a problem for every Android user. But alongside Android 10, MIUI11 has brought such a system that will not reduce the brightness. Even when your phone will be in battery saver mode, your brightness will not diminish. So your extra hassle is not gone. Father more in this feature, the wallpapers will also change to dark color. Plus, there are various types of animations on your phone that will also disable. This Ultra Battery Saver Mode will help to extend your battery life and enjoy your phone performance. 

Improved UI: 

MIUI of Xiaomi has always offered many features to the customers that were quite good. But, there are still a bunch of complaints about its UI. After the recent versions of MIUI, these types of problems regarding UI have been solved. They are putting an end to all those complaints of the customers of Xiaomi. MIUI 11 consists of an improved and more integrated UI. We have seen previous versions that had too much color scheme and some exquisite components that were unbearable. 

But MIUI 11 has got an aesthetic and amazing look on the screen with a beautiful theme. Now they are much more vibrant and minimalistic. Also, the features offer the users a classical theme that gives a fresh and stunning outlook. The font size has been changed to support dynamic font scaling.  The icon shape also altered to a squircle icon shape providing development to the animation. Transition effects also improved for these reasons; users will enjoy using the MIUI 11 features. 

Improved File Manager: 

Since the beginning, Xiaomi has its default File organizer app. But in this MIUI 11 version, the file manager got new features that have taken it one step further. Users can now easily work with different file extensions & these inclusions are DOCX, RTF, PDF files, etc. The file manager’s recent feature will support thumbnails for different formats enabling users to see files quickly. However, the Xiaomi default file app is one of the amazing things that we don’t see in Android, either. MIUI 11 file explorer has tailored the MIUI aesthetics and made it better than the MIUI 10.  

AOD Customization: 

MIUI 11 features has already surprised the users with its cool and amazing customized operating system. Xiaomi, in their MIUI 11, has taken the ‘Always on Display‘ feature to a new level. The Always On Display now has some pretty awesome features that will customize your display. This new feature keeps your screen active even when your phone is locked. Normally we see that when the phone is locked, it is totally black & the screen doesn’t show you anything. Plus, your phone screen will be off. So, it doesn’t look good, and somehow you feel empty. Thus, Xiaomi brought you this beautiful and stunning feature on your device. This feature will still be active when your device is locked and shows different themes. 

However, the new feature is similar to Google ambient but is a little different than that. But all MI 11 supported devices don’t have the Always On Display feature. Some Xiaomi devices will allow it, while some will not. Example: Redmi note7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro ‘Always On Display’ doesn’t work, but in Mi 8, Mi 8 pro it works. Again it will work in Redmi K20 pro and Redmi K20 but won’t work in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. 

So there are some differences and preferences in the case of the ‘Always On Display’ feature. It is to be noted that as most of the screen types of Xiaomi devices are LCD; thus, this feature doesn’t support them. In a word, LCD screen type models don’t support it. But the AMOLED screen type model smartphones of Xiaomi will support this feature. As the LCD screen & AMOLED bear different technologies and have different design structures, this will limit the feature. Especially for LCD screen factors, they don’t allow it.

Digital Well-being: 

Digital well-being app was first introduced to users in Android 9, and in Android 10, it further improved. Xiaomi, in its customized MIUI, followed the same path to introduce ‘Digital Well-being’ in the device. Users of MIUI will again get this necessary feature in a more refined style in their MIUI 11. Actually, Digital Well-being helps you to know the use of a particular app. It gives you the history of the app usage of your device in a daily or weekly schedule. We use different apps on our phones and spend hours sometimes in just one app. Many of us don’t know how much time you spend in an app; for this reason, it is necessary to know about it. 

Because limiting your usage for a particular app will help you to use other apps on your phone. It will bring a balance between your digital life and your personal life. Plus, in your other apps as well. But in an MIUI 11, digital well-being has brought another tool called ‘app timer feature.’ This feature limits app usage typically. When your usage reaches the designated period for that app will be stopped calling it a day. Using that app, you will have to wait till the next day & before that, you cannot use it further. Thus, Xiaomi didn’t forget about this necessary feature and included it in the MIUI 11.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When MIUI 11 rolled out for providing updates?

   Ans: During mid-October in 2019, the MIUI 11 rolled out for providing updates to the devices. 

  1. How to enable the Dark Mode in MIUI 11? 

   Ans: First, to enable dark mode on MIUI 11, go to settings > search display > Dark mode and allow it. 

  1. Why does ‘Always On Display’ work in AMOLED screen type phones but not in LCD screen type?

   Ans: AMOLED screen types consist of pixels that can emit their own light. There are black portions on the screen where pixels don’t lit up. But LCD doesn’t have such technology, which resulted in working ‘Always On Display’ only in AMOLED screen phones.

  1. Will enabling the ‘Ultra Battery Saver’ reduce my brightness?

   Ans: No, it will not reduce your brightness like the previous versions.

Final thought: 

MIUI 11 features have brought those dynamic features and app optimization that fulfilled the consumers’ demand. Thus, Xiaomi users can experience advanced UI, improved facilities that will help phones in running apps, games, etc. The animations, MIUI 11 gestures, and custom code to unlock and especially the Dynamic wallpapers will steal the users’ hearts. The MIUI 11 features have kept the potential of the MIUI operating system. If you are still using the old versions of MIUI & missing some interesting features, then you should upgrade it. So, upgrade it to MIUI 11, which will improve your phone performance and longevity. 


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