End to End MBA Admission Consulting with Experts’ Global

MBA Admission Consulting

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End to End MBA Admission Consulting with Experts’ Global

Completing the MBA application process may become overwhelming for students. This is because the process involves several nuanced aspects to be taken care of. Moreover, the Admissions Committees of the top-ranked B-schools are extremely selective and looks for specifics in a profile that the student may be unaware of. Hence, MBA aspirants look for professional help when it comes to applying for MBA programs.

Experts’ Global is one of the best MBA admissions consultants, who, with its 360-degree understanding of the admission process particulars, can help students gain admit to the elite B-schools.

End to End Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global offers end-to-end MBA admission consulting service. Thus, a student enrolling with the firm’s MBA admissions consulting practice receives guidance on all aspects of the MBA admissions process, from theme-building, resume-writing, school-shortlisting for MBA, to application management. 

Interview Training

The MBA admissions interview training at Experts’ Global begins the moment the applications are sent out. The firm has prepared a robust interview prep process that includes 3 distinct stages. In the first stage, the candidate watches a series of instructional videos in the admission interview fundamentals. In the second stage, the candidate answers a list of 30 most commonly asked admission interview questions. In the third stage, the interview mentor analyzes the responses of the candidate to the questionnaire and, based on the learning requirement of the candidate, conducts mock interview sessions. These mocks are interspersed with feedbacks to keep the student updated on his/her progress.

School Shortlisting

Virtually all MBA aspirants find themselves overwhelmed, at some point, by the sheer variety of courses in existence. The first step in pursuing an MBA is figuring out which course is the most suitable. The admissions teams at Experts’ Global know how to select the courses most conducive to their students’ career advancement. They do so by carefully analyzing important factors, such as the students’ career goals, geographic preferences, financial realities, scholarship opportunities and the duration of the program. 

Theme Building

A student must be able to duly represent his/her profile through the MBA application particulars. To ensure that the student’s strengths are duly highlighted and the story, well-represented, the MBA admissions consulting service at Experts’ Global employs an efficient team of essay-writers. These essay-writers know that a strong profile is one that tells a story and, accordingly, works on developing a theme that can unite the student’s experiences and aspirations to create a singular, distinctive narrative.

Well Defined Application Process

A student can easily be overwhelmed by the multi-faceted aspects of the MBA admissions process. Hence, the Experts’ Global team has streamlined the entire process into a system of milestones that must be tracked and fulfilled by both students and mentors. This ensures that the student takes one step at a time and is able to comfortably complete the application process. 

Clear Feedback

Experts’ Global believes that a student must be able to identify and acknowledge his/her own weakness so as to make considerable improvements to his/her own candidature. Hence, the mentors provide clear feedbacks of the student’s perceived weaknesses at every step of the process. Such brutal feedbacks may seem upsetting, initially, but many students have acknowledged the improvement it enabled for them, in the long run. 

Rich Content

The Experts’ Global MBA admission consulting practice includes a series of instructional videos. These videos educate the students on the basics of the MBA admission process such as resume-building, school-shortlisting, etc. and are extremely useful so much so that the students can even opt to apply independently, if they should so desire.

Team Quality

Any system is only as good as the team behind it. Experts’ Global boasts of an extremely efficient and highly dedicated team of mentors. They are passionate team of professionals, thoroughly acquainted with the nuanced aspects of the MBA admission process as well as the details of numerous MBA programs. Moreover, they follow an extremely organized approach to work which makes it incredibly easy to remain in contact with them. 

Guiding Principle

An interesting and distinctive aspect of the Experts’ Global MBA admission consulting practice is their perception of their “clients” as students. Likewise, the mentors see themselves as teachers and just like every good teacher, feel responsible for shaping their students’ career; they prioritize their students’ success

Thus, Experts’ Global adopts an extremely nuanced and methodical approach to handle a highly complex and often counterintuitive process. Importantly, they incorporate clear methodology and strict discipline, backed by thorough research to ensure the success of their students. Hence, Experts’ Global has emerged as the most preferred MBA admission consultants by thousands of students, worldwide.


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