Mazda 3 latest Model: Release date, Specifications, and Price

Mazda is a Japenese car. Here we will tell you about the Mazda 3 latest version and its specifications, release date, and price.

Mazda 3

Here is good news for all Mazda lovers. Mazda 3 latest version is on its way. Here we will tell you about the Mazda 3 latest version and its specifications, release date, and price.

Mazda 3 is also called as Mazda Axela. It is a beautiful Japanese Car that came in 2004 as a model. The second model of Mazda 3 unveiled in an Auto show of Los Angeles.

Mazda started to develop new technology for the 2012 year model. Moreover, the third generation of Mazda 3 introduced in mid of 2013 as a model of 2014.

So Let’s talk about the latest fourth generation of this fantastic Japanese compact car. The 2019 model is called Mazda CX-30. This four-wheel drive system equipped with newly developed technology.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight construction improve its performance. Ryo Yanagisawa is a designer of Mazda CX-30, and according to him, it will be a more comfortable family car in Japan and Europe. The best things that different from other Mazda model The grill and its glowering headlights.

Besides, it is also the best car who love sports car. Mazda model 2019 looks more stylish due to the back window and sizeable rear pillar. In developed technology of Mazda CX-30 is its infotainment screen which gives a more elegant look from inside of the car.

Well, if you like Audi A3 and Mercedes A-class but can’t afford, then, it’s the best choice for you because it’s plastic and metal steaks provide great feelings.

SkyActiv developed its technology in Mazda latest version, and the fantastic thing is that Skyactiv-X petrol engine used in it.

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The specialty of the engine is that it gives two options: one is a spark plug through which you can use any standard petrol, as well as the driver, can switch over diddle-style compression ignition. The second one improves efficiency.

Release Date of Mazda CX-30 (2019 model)

I know, you are excited to see this lavish car. This flourishing car will be available in the mid of 2019. The exact date did not come, but the middle of 2019 is an estimated date to release.


Model: 2020 Mazda Cx-30
Overall Width: 1795mm
Overall length: 4395m
Rear Overhang 825mm
Front Overhang 915mm
Engine: skyactiv-X petrol Engine
Torque: 200Nm
Power: 115kW
Speed: 0-100km/h
Fuel estimation: 6.5 L/100km
Price: $22,000-28,490


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