“Lucifer’ Season 5” Will There Be A Major Character Death?

“Lucifer’ Season 5 May Be Exploring A Major Character Death In The Series!

Lucifer Season 5

Fans are really excited for the upcoming Lucifer Season 5. The biggest story that fans want to see is the romantic reunion of Chloe and Lucifer. But, could this season include a death? Fans wonder if the Lucifer universe will be altered when the series ends. One star sees a “dark turn” for his character. Who may not make it to the end?

Kevin Alejandro, who portrays Detective Douche sees something dark happening to his character. Speaking to The Metro, he wants to see Dan Espinoza “take a dark turn, a darker turn completely unlike what we’ve seen of him.” The actor sees the shady detective cross more lines in Lucifer Season 5. He points out Dan “makes interesting choices and bad choices.”

What Dan doesn’t know is that Lucifer is the devil. He and Ella are the last to know. Could a revelation possibly send him over the edge? Alejandro thinks yes. He believes that if it were all up to him. He would have Dan “unravel” at the news that Lucifer, the man he holds responsible for the death of Charlotte, the woman he loves.

When Detective Douche gets emotional, he gets physical and angry. Could this lead to his downfall? Kevin Alejandro doesn’t go there. But Lucifans are wondering if any character may die in Lucifer Season 5. Many wonders if anyone dies, it would be Dan. This way he could be reunited with Charlotte Richards. Then again, could Dan find redemption and romance with Ella Lopez?

The Lucifer writers are congregating at the beginning of July to outline the final season. It could be very interesting to see how they finish Detective Dan’s story.

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