Lucifer Season 4 is Renewed for Netflix

Lucifer Season 4

Hearts of Lucifer fans broke when they heard the news that Fox canceled Lucifer Season 4 at a point when they were expecting a long-awaited romance between leading stars.

However, Netflix has decided to fix these broken hearts and renewed Lucifer for Season 4.

I’m sure it is excellent news for the fans who don’t want their favorite Devil Character to go-away. According to Lucifer- the leading devil character of the show, Fox had no idea how much popular Lucifer is among fans, and it was shocking news for the team when Fox canceled Lucifer.

As we all know, Netflix is capturing all those tv shows which are famous and canceled by other networks. This online streaming service is trying to increase its following and users, and it ultimately makes sense. The Originals has been canceled but now Lucifer Season 4 is coming on Netflix.

Lucifer is a Devil with a soft-heart who is living in the human-world and fall in love with a girl Chloe. Season 3 concluded when Lucifer showed his real face to Chloe. The season is reached at its peak point. So, fans are pretty excited to know what is coming next.

There are certain rumors regarding Lucifer Season 4. One I like the most explains exciting romantic moments are coming in the upcoming season for Lucifer and Chloe.

As Lucifer Season 4 is on the way, you can binge-watch three seasons of the show on Netflix. Go and enjoy this fantasy drama now.


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